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First Responders: Your Perfect Silicone Ring

Public servants work with their hands every day. When your job is to keep others safe, it’s easy to forget to prioritize your own personal safety. That’s why we have a goal of making the safety of your hands our priority. By creating a stylish line of safe silicone rings, QALO is proud to support those who support their communities.

From thin blue line silicone rings to thin red line silicone rings, we’re proud to offer rings that stand for commitment. While you may be familiar with our silicone wedding rings, here’s a look at our public service rings, representing other types of commitment that we take very seriously.

Thin Blue Line Silicone Rings

Part of our Thin Line Collection, thin blue line rings are often worn by police officers. Available for men and women, these rings feature strong silicone in a smooth finish. The majority of the ring is solid, strong black-colored silicone. The only variation is a thin blue line of royal cobalt silicone.

Thin Red Line Silicone Rings

Similar to our thin blue line rings, the thin red line represents a member of the firefighting department. These rings feature a striking contrast between onyx and garnet, symbolizing your commitment to protecting the community from fire and other accidents.

Thin White Line

Completing our Thin Line Collection, we offer a thin white line. These rings are worn by paramedics and emergency medical staff personnel. These rings feature a navy background with a popping white pearl accent.


Why are these rings perfect for first responders? Because they’re safe. They’ll break away when placed in a dangerous situation, and they’ll stretch with your hands as those hands work to save the lives of others. In addition, these rings are light as air, comfortable, and flexible. That means they’ll move with you, no matter what you’re doing.

Public servants are a critical part of our communities. Police officers, firefighters, and paramedics keep a community running smoothly. They’re the people who show up when others would turn and run. That’s why QALO stands behind them and is proud to offer a discount to these brave, selfless servants. To learn more, please click here.