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Five Affordable Weekend Fall Adventures

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Five Affordable Weekend Fall Adventures

The summer travel season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pack away your suitcase just yet. Fall is the perfect time of year for a staycation. The weather is crisp in the mornings and evenings, while still being sunny and warm in the heat of the day. It’s kind of the perfect combination. Here are our picks for top five affordable weekend adventures this fall.

Drive-In Movies

The time of year could not be more perfect for this bit of nostalgia. Still pleasant enough to be outside in the evenings, only now without drowning in sweat and mosquitoes, a drive-in movie is a value-rich way to get outdoors with the family. Since most places charge by the carload instead of by the head, this is a great way to enjoy some time with friends, too. The hard part may be finding a theatre near your home. This entertainment of yesteryear gets a bit scarcer every year, with very few theatres remaining. Find one close to you, here. And hey, if you have to, get a hotel room nearby and make a weekend trip of it. Because once these theatres are gone, they’re likely never coming back.

Bike Camping

If you’re an avid cyclist, we have a challenge for you! Hit the local Goodwill (or Craigslist) to find a bike trailer. Typically used to pull kids too young to ride with you, these trailers are awesome suitcases. Load a small tent, a few supplies, and gear into the trailer and hit the road. Plan nightly stops at state parks along your route, and go on a real adventure. You can even plan to have a friend pick you up at the end of your route so that you don’t have to double back and ride home. Just be sure that you have all the proper safety equipment and are familiar with the rules of bicycling on automobile roads before you set out.


Take to the open water one last time in 2018 with a final kayak or stand up paddleboard (SUP) trip. A little legwork online can help you find a rental location or if you’re lucky, a tour operator. Since fall is considered shoulder season, you’re likely to get a better tour and rental rates than you would have through the year. In exchange, expect to find less beating sun in the heat of the day, with water that’s likely still warm enough to swim in, if you choose. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, there is still a chance of seeing Orca and humpback whales during your paddle, too.

Fright Fests

Most people leave near enough to a theme park to plan a weekend adventure. We love the idea of going in fall because the weather is cooler, lines are shorter, and Zombies abound. Most theme parks will operate on evenings only during fall weekends, completely turning the park into one large haunted attraction. You’ll be able to ride the best thrill rides in the dark, all while characters stalk you from behind trying to scare you. Some parks even offer haunted trails. Pack your courage, and see who among your group is the bravest!

Hay Mazes

Finally, hit a pumpkin patch! Many pumpkin patches are trying to capitalize on family fun these days, leading to a variety of activities that are fun and value-rich. Most farms now offer massive hay mazes, some getting all the way up to 50 acres in size! Once you find your way out, many places offer pumpkin or apple cannons, slides, petting zoos, and other family-friendly attractions. It’s pretty simple to find a patch near you that offers enough activities to keep you busy for a full Saturday. This is the very definition of wholesome, value-rich family fun.

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