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Downloadable Baby Shower Games

Whether you’re having a small, intimate baby shower or a grand affair with a lot of guests, one thing you’ll definitely want to include on the agenda is games. Games are a great way to get everyone involved, break the ice and give your guests a fun way to try to win prizes!

But how many games are appropriate and which ones should you choose? We’ve got you covered with some tips and our very own baby shower games printables!

How Many Baby Shower Games Do You Need?

The number of games you choose will depend on how many guests you’re expecting and what else you have scheduled for the event. If you have a large crowd, less is more - you’ll definitely want to keep the games simple and sweet to avoid confusion and save tons of time. If you have a smaller crowd, you may have time for more games.

A good rule of thumb is to plan for two games and have one or two “backup” games that you can play if you get through the initial two faster than anticipated.

Which Baby Shower Games Should You Choose?

There are so many different baby shower games to choose from. But why waste precious time searching for games when you already have a ton on your plate? We’ve designed two adorable, free printable baby shower games that you’ll love. They’re super convenient to download and print out and require minimal preparation so you can tend to other items on your to-do list.
Check out our two baby shower games printables below and download them for free. You’re welcome!

Advice for Baby Word Scramble

Baby shower word scrambles are always a fun game requiring basically zero preparation. Our version has four quotes that are nuggets of advice for the baby. Guest will be scrambling (see what we did there!) to see who can undo the quotes first. Download for an instant party game!

Baby Shower Price is Right

Baby Shower Price is Right will keep your guests entertained - and check just how knowledgeable they are about current prices! The only preparation you’ll need to do in advance, outside of downloading and printing the game out, is to find out what the approximate price is for the four items we’ve listed so you can see which guests had guesses closest to the actual prices.

You can immediately get the price for the first item without doing much work! Simply check out the prices of our teething necklaces here. While you’re at it, purchase one or two of these for the new baby! They’re wonderful gifts that will get plenty of use.