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Fun Gifts for the In-Laws

There are two types of family; the one that you’re born with and the one that you marry into! When you pick your mate, you’re also picking your in-laws. While these relationships can sometimes be difficult to navigate, they can also be some of the most fulfilling ones out there. This delicate balance is why it can sometimes be a struggle to find the perfect holiday gift for your in-laws. Let’s make it simple this year. Here are five go-to ideas that are perfect for the family that you chose.

1. QALO Family Identity Book

New for Holiday 2018, these are great items for in-laws! The books come complete with 24 family activities designed to get people outdoors and thinking about who they are as a family. This can be a great bonding activity to be completed with your in-laws, or a thoughtful way to encourage them to interact with their own immediate family. Consider this family night planning for an entire year! Be sure that they bring the book to next year’s holiday get together as well so that you can relive the memories made together! Snag your book, here.

2. Custom Framed Art

But not by a professional artist. If you have children, consider asking them to draw a family photo or a pretty scene. Then, take that one of a kind masterpiece to a frame shop and have it professionally framed. You’ll be surprised how professional even the silliest of drawings can look once properly framed. You might also be surprised by how fun it is to create this gift! Aunts, uncles, and especially grandparents just love this gift idea.

3. Bath and Body Products

Is it kind of generic? Yes. But it’s also appreciated, useful, and simple. The key to pulling this gift item off with class is to choose scents that aren’t necessarily your favorite. Because this gift isn’t for you. Think about candles around this person’s home or about the way that they smell when they’re with you. Is it sweet? Woodsy? Fresh? Try to get a handle on the scent profile that they like and shop with that in mind. If all else fails, a simple vanilla is almost always a success.

4. Bottle of Wine

But only if your in-laws are alcohol drinkers. If you’re not sure, you may want to ask your spouse. But most people are keen on receiving a nice bottle of wine, or in some cases, a rare whiskey. You can dress the gift up with a formal wine chiller, or in the case of whiskeys, a rocks kit.

5. Throw Blanket

In some cases, this could almost count as a gift for yourself. Think about all of the time you’ll spend on your in-law's couch visiting! Opt for a high-quality throw blanket that is super soft and available in colors that go well with the décor in their living or family room. It’s warm, cozy, and almost always well received.  

Remember that the purpose of all gift giving is to inspire joy and happiness. No one would ever want you to feel stress over the idea of a gift. If you’re struggling for more ideas, or need a little help, it’s OK to ask. Start with your spouse, and then branch out to other in-laws for ideas. We’re all part of the #QALOFamily!