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    Fun Snow Day Activities

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Fun Snow Day Activities

    Let it SNOW!

    If like us you believe that there is just something magical about the way fresh snow glistens in the morning sun, then this blog was written just for you! For some of us, the excitement and enchantment of a snow day just never wore off. When we look out of the window on a snowy day, we see rolling hills of soft powder glittering in light and beckoning us to play. Here are our five favorite ways to spend your next snow day.

    1. Have a Snow Ball Fight

    Just like @Indiegramz, plan a good old-fashioned snowball fight. You’re never really too old for it, and something about pegging another adult in the head with a flying chunk of ice is just fun. You could never get away with something like that on almost any other day of the year, so take advantage while you can. You’ll be the cool parent on the block for getting in on the game with the neighborhood kids, too! Just be sure to establish the rules of war before the first cannon is fired.

    2. Make Snow Ice Cream

    A favorite pastime and tradition for many, we’re always surprised at the number of people who have never tried snow ice cream! It’s so simple to make and is quite honestly delicious. In order to make it, you’ll need a little planning though. If it’s actively snowing before bedtime, set a bowl outside on a ledge. Collecting snow in this way is best to ensure that the snow is pure and edible. If you didn’t set a bowl out before bed, no worries. Just scoop fresh snoff off of the top of a shrub or fence post. Try to avoid ground snow if possible. Next- just slowly mix in whole milk (or heavy cream) until you have a texture that you like. Remember: a little liquid goes a long way. Next up? Stir in sugar and a dribble of liquid vanilla to taste. Snow Ice cream doesn’t keep in the freezer, so eat it before it melts!

    3. Build an Igloo

    An exciting science lesson is disguised in this outdoor activity. Use large plastic recycling bins or other plastic bins as bricks to slowly build a snow fort… or igloo.. or castle. Go where the inspiration leads you. The point is, once the walls are high enough and you build a roof (use a tarp for ease of construction), it’s really cool to hunker down inside and see just how warm it can be inside of a snow house! The secret is that snow is actually a great insulator, and uses your body heat to keep you warmer than if you were outside. A well-built snow structure can also last for months, often far outlasting the snowman you built beside it. Here’s a tip- try building your structure directly beside a house or barn. That way you have one less wall to build out of snow!

    4. Snow Art

    Another fun and mostly free outdoor activity, let’s talk about snow art! Get some plastic squirt bottles and use food coloring to create a highly saturated color mixture. Then allow the kids to mist, squirt, and draw on the snow to their heart’s content. The world looks different when all of that untouched white snow becomes a blank canvas for creativity!

    5. Go Sledding

    Timeless. Classic. And still downright fun. Build a ramp, work in curves and twists, and time yourself for speed. Just be sure that you have permission to be on the hill that you’re using (hint: most neighbors won’t say no if you ask first!) and that your sledding hill doesn’t empty into a road or busy parking lot.

    Yes. We know these are all outside activities. We’re sure you could plan indoor things to do as well, but where’s the fun in that?

    Before heading outside, be sure to take a few precautions to keep safe and warm. First of all, dress in layers. It’s best if your base layer is breathable (not cotton!) so that it wicks sweat away from your body. The only thing worse than being cold is being wet and cold!

    Also, be sure to swap out your traditional metal rings for your favorite QALO silicone rings. Not only do they resist the cold temperatures, but they’ll also move with your hands while you’re playing keeping you comfortable and safe. Finally, don’t forget to snap a photo or two and share them with us on social media! #QALOSnowDay works just fine!


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