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Gift Ideas for New Parents

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Gift Ideas for New Parents

The moment you have a baby, everything changes. Women are made into moms, men into dads, and we all celebrate together. If someone that you love has had a baby in 2018, chances are that you’re struggling with what to gift them this holiday season. Their identities and priorities have shifted, and it’s both a struggle and an exciting challenge to find the perfect gift for them in this season. With that in mind, here are our five favorite gifts for new parents.

1. A Teething Necklace

If you haven’t heard, teething necklaces are all the rave these days. They’re actually worn by the parents, not the babies, and offer a safe solution to teething pain. QALO is proud to offer a large selection of medical grade silicone teething necklaces available. Offered in fashionable, brightly colored options that are suitable for both mom and dad, these necklaces provide gentle comfort to sore gums and encourage close contact between parent and child. Check them out, here.

2. Sonic Bottle Cleaner

Being a parent of a baby means lots of dirty dishes. Even if the new mom you’re thinking of is breastfeeding, she still will have a lot of plastic bits and pieces that need to be washed and sterilized many times a day. A countertop sterilizer is an incredibly thoughtful, useful, and kind gift. In under 3 minutes, these things will wash, dry, and sterilize all of those bottles, nipples, and breast pump parts with just the touch of a button. This gift is sure to be a home run. There are many options out there at all different sorts of price points, but we love the Wabi.

3. InstaPot

Think having a newborn is exhausting? Try having a newborn and keeping up with cooking delicious, wholesome dinners. It just isn’t happening. These days, it’s more about a big bag of fast fried easy. Consider giving the new parents in your life an Instant Pot. It’s the modern crockpot, and there is an entire movement surrounding just how cool these things are. It’ll help make it easy to prep delicious dinners that are also nutritious and not served out of a bag. Instant Pots are available everywhere.

4. The Perfect Blanket

A baby to a blanket is like a moth to the flame. They provide warmth and comfort, and every child will have at least one that is more special than the rest. This year, QALO proudly launched our family collection. It includes plush, thick Sherpa style blankets that are as practical as they are beautiful. And since they’re able to be customized, they’re unique and one of a kind. Add it all up and you’ve found the perfect gift for the new parents in your life. Shop the collection, here.

5. A Date Night

Finally, perhaps the best gift you can give is the one that says, “I remember who you are.” New parents can be so consumed with love and caring for their new family member that it’s easy to forget to take care of themselves. It’s not uncommon at all for months to slip by without a date night for the new couple, and that can take its toll on any relationship. Treat the new parents to a night on the town. Offer to babysit, and then provide them with gift cards to their favorite restaurant, activity, or show in town.

We are committed to and passionate about families around here. We love seeing photos of new babies, as well as the children that they will grow into. Would you do us a favor and share them with us this holiday season? Please share your family with ours, by tagging your holiday photos with #QALOfamily on social media. Because around here, we’re all family.


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