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    Gifts for First Responders: 9 Unique Ideas

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    Gifts for First Responders: 9 Unique Ideas


    First responders have a special job. They’re called first responders because they are literally the first people on the scene after any traumatic event. Whether it’s a car accident, a building fire or the scene of the crime, first responders perform a difficult job. It’s important that we give them gifts that show how much we care about them and what they do for the community. Here are some unique gift ideas to give the first responders in your life! 

    1. A Silicone Ring: First responders work difficult jobs. Wearing metal jewelry isn’t the best for these job types. At any point, the metal could get destroyed, or they might have to get their ring cut off. For women, if they wear a diamond ring on the job, the stones could fall out. 

    firefighter and his ring

    Get them one of our durable silicone rings that will withstand the elements they work in. In fact, we even have an awesome First Responder’s discount program that will ensure your first responder gets our quality rings at an affordable cost. We appreciate everything our first responders do for the community, which is why we created a special Thin Line collection just for them!

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    2. A Neck Massager: Since first responders work such long hours and do such physical work, they need to have a way to decompress after a long day. A neck massager is perfect for those nights—or days!—they just want to come home and relax. The massage will help work out any knots or pressure they have built up in their muscles and joints. 

    3. A Keychain: Since their jobs require a lot, your First Responder is probably always misplacing their keys. A personalized keychain is a perfect way to help them find their keys while showing them you care about their job and position. Whether you get a leather tag embossed or find a metal one with their position symbol engraved on it, they will love your attention to detail!

    4. A Coloring Book: Speaking of stress, why not get them a coloring book or two? Coloring books have been known to help reduce stress and create calming effects on those wielding the crayons. Get your first responder a coloring book or two with a box of crayons for them to use when they have a break during their shift! Even though it doesn’t negate the stressfulness of their job itself, it will give them a productive outlet when they need a break. 

    5. A Throw Blanket: Give them something to curl up in during those long nights at the station or on their couch. A soft, cozy throw blanket is perfect, especially if they live somewhere that has a colder climate. A person can never have enough blankets! They can drape it across their couch or hang it from their wall like a tapestry. Go retro with a woven blanket depicting all the police or fire stations in your town over time for a unique touch!

    6. A Badge Reel: Some of your first responders have ID badges they use to get into certain buildings or offices. Get them a unique badge reel that shows off their profession! Red is for firefighters and paramedics, blue is for police officers. Use symbols that represent their job, too! They’ll love having a personalized badge reel to give a little something extra to their badge. 

    woman taking out a tumbler
    Source: Colin Hui/

    7. A Themed Tumbler: Because your first responder works a lot of weird hours and shifts, they probably drink a lot of coffee! Why not get them a first-responder-themed tumbler? They’ll love showing off their profession while getting their caffeine boost for the day in a unique coffee travel mug. Even if they’re more of a tea person, they can still use it for whatever juice gets them going at the beginning of the day. 

    8. Comfy Loungewear: Sweatshirts, socks, t-shirts, hats … you name it, they want it! Any first-responder-themed apparel is a great gift option. When they’re not in uniform, they will want to relax and kick back in lounge clothes, so the more informal the better when it comes to this gift idea. T-shirts with snarky sayings are perfect for first responders, too!

    9. A Book of Puns: First responders sometimes have a weird sense of humor—a lot of them are processing traumatic events, so they do what they can to protect their own mental health. Get your first responder a book of puns, jokes or weird but true stories for them to enjoy or share with their coworkers! 



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