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Gifts for Mom This Mother’s Day

Written By: Reed Naliboff

Gifts for Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the time to show your mom some extra love and appreciation! We’ve picked just the right gift ideas to put a smile on her face and help say thank you for who she is and all that she does.

Recipe Cards ($14.95)

There’s something special about a hand written recipe. To make the day even more memorable, link up with mom to create a new recipe of your own that you both can make for years to come.

QALO Women’s Stackable Silicone Rings

Let your mama express herself with the all new fashion-forward QALO Stackable Silicone Rings. She can mix and match with five colors and four styles for endless possibilities that fit her unique style. She won’t have to sacrifice comfort and safety when in the gym or at the lake. Another perk is that the price goes down with the more rings you buy ($11.95 each // Regular Price, $9.95 each // When You Buy Any 2 Stackable Rings, $8.95 each // When You Buy 3 or More Stackable Rings).

Smartphone Vase ($32)

Give mom the modern day gift of flowers. This vase has a spot for both her iPhone and a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers. Place the stand in the kitchen or on a bedside table where she can brighten the room with some bright flowers and funky music.

Furbo Treat-Tossing Dog Camera ($199)

Don’t forget the gift for the fur mamas, too! When mom’s not home, this machine delivers treats to her dog by sending notifications to her phone when the dog is barking at it! Furbo also has a built-in microphone, speaker, and camera so she can talk to her pet and see him when she’s gone! Genius.

Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator  ($99.95)

Every mom likes wine, right? Slip the Aervana into any wine bottle and press the button to get perfectly aerated wine that mom can enjoy any night of the week. Forcing oxygen into the red wine also keeps it fresher for a longer period of time. Wine not?

QALO Companion ($29.95)

With three custom colors to choose from (rose gold, silver, and gold), the QALO Companion is your mamanew go-to bag! It’s spacious enough to fit everyday items, so she can take it along with her to the gym, on adventures, or to a fun night out.

Monogramed Cheese Board ($39.95)

Another really GRATE gift is this monogrammed cheese board from Williams-Sonoma. This is a perfect gift for mom to bust out during dinner parties or a special gathering. When she see’s it, she will always think of you!


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