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    Give Dad the Ultimate Experience Gift this Father's Day

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Give Dad the Ultimate Experience Gift this Father's Day

    Many of us hear the same thing when we ask our dad what he wants for Father’s Day: “Don’t get me anything!” Well, your dad is in luck — the experience gift economy is growing 1.5 times faster than that for material gifts, as three out of four people prefer experience gifts over objects, according to a recent report. Not sure what things to do with your dad on June 16? Here are favorite Father’s Day activities you can gift your dad.

    Things to Do on Father’s Day

    Skydiving — Timid dads need not apply! While skydiving may seem too adventurous for some, you and your dad will cherish the memory of jumping out of a plane together for years. Celebrate Father’s Day like daredevils and then head home to relax.

    Indoor Rock Climbing — Ever since you and your dad watched Free Solo you’ve heard him say things like “I bet I could scale El Capitan.” While that may be wishful thinking, you and your dad can still start training at an indoor rock climbing facility. Learn the ropes (literally) and have a blast while working up a sweat.

    Kayaking — Spend some time observing wildlife and paddling through the majestic rivers of your own backyard with a kayaking tour. Many organizations like REI offer specialized Father’s Day kayak tours with complimentary lunch included.

    Bike Tour — If your dad isn’t complaining about his knees yet you can also pair up for a bike tour around the city. Chart your own path and stop by your favorite lunch and relaxation spots, or ride along a mountain trail outside the city limits and enjoy a leisurely ride through scenic vistas.

    Batting Cages — Connect with your dad while swinging away! Even if you both need to work on your form, you can laugh off any whiffs without worrying about the weather. A trip to the batting cages is a fun and affordable Father’s Day bonding activity, and you can head to dinner or a pub after for a round of drinks.

    Where to Buy Father’s Day Experience Gifts

    Many of these activities you can plan on your own, but if you schedule skydiving or an hour at the batting cages ahead of time you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant surprise of slots filling up. Many companies offer discounts and promotions for Father’s Day. Check out websites like Groupon or ClassPass for great Father’s Day activity deals.

    You can also find great deals and Father’s Day events near you by simply conducting an online search. Use phrases like “bike tours fathers day” and see what organizations offer programs and events in your area. Your dad will love an experience that he doesn’t have to plan!

    Still thinking you should get your dad a present for Father’s Day? We have you covered. Check out a few of our Best Sellers


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