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Guide To Caring For Your New Silicone Teething Necklace

Silicone teething necklaces are all the rage for teething babies these days. Not only are they super cute, but turns out that they’re super practical as well. Tiny silicone beads strung onto a thread and worn on the neck, wrist, or ankle − your child gnaws on the beads to alleviate pain as needed. They never get lost, and they’re super simple to care for.

Are they safe?

Of course, they are. Unlike amber teething necklaces, which are also popular right now, many silicone teething necklaces are made from one mold. That means that they are less likely to cause a choking hazard.

Additionally, since QALO uses only medical grade silicone, your baby’s teething necklace won’t have harmful BPA (found in plastic) or latex, lead, or other harmful chemicals.

One last note about safety? Make sure to remove the adorable silicone necklace at nap and bedtime. It’s never good to sleep with a necklace on, even for adults.

Why is silicone great for babies?

Silicone is great because it provides a hard surface to help with teething pain. But that same firm material is also soft, so it won’t hurt baby’s sensitive gums. You can still pop your silicone teething necklace into the fridge to cool it off, just like old-fashioned teethers. Silicone can be smooth or textured, making it easy to find different teething options to suit every baby’s whims.

Are they easy to clean?

The easiest. Simply run them under warm, soapy water, dry, and hand it right back to the baby. Plan to do this every day, or anytime the necklace comes into contact with the ground.

One last thought? Why not order a silicone teething necklace for yourself, too? Yes, we know, you’re not teething. But placing the necklace around mom’s neck means it’s not a choking hazard for baby’s neck. And when you’re holding the baby (which is most of the time anyway) they have access to the beads. Since silicone is lightweight and beautiful, this could wind up as your favorite jewelry accessory.

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