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    Have Fun & Stay Fit: 5 Vacations for Active Couples

    Written By: KC Holiday

    Have Fun & Stay Fit: 5 Vacations for Active Couples

    Vacations are often synonymous with binge-eating, neglecting the gym, and shuffling home to realize you’ve gained ten pounds and you can barely see your abs — yikes! For active couples who don’t want to sacrifice fitness to have a fun vacay, we have good news.

    According to the Global Wellness Institute fitness tourism increased 14% from 2013 to 2015, and likely increased by a higher percentage in recent years. There are plenty of outdoor adventure travel destinations that will keep you in prime shape while also delivering the time of your life. These are our favorite adventure vacations for active couples:

    Outdoor Expeditions

    The wilderness adventure expeditions offered by Outward Bound get you completely unplugged and surrounded by the beauty of the natural world while you and your partner learn a new skill like sea kayaking or dog sledding. Designed for adults 18 and over, the courses keep you active while focusing on self-reliance — you’ll stay in tune with your body while also building your confidence! Check out the full list of courses that range from mountaineering to salmon river rafting.

    On-Foot Walking Tours

    Explore the path less traveled and skip the tour bus with a countryside walking tour coordinated by On Foot Holidays. Your luggage is transferred to a new hotel every morning while you set out on foot to traverse stunning vistas and enjoy the local cuisine. While exploring countries like Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, or Bulgaria you’ll fit in an eight-hour workout hiking to your next destination daily. View the full list of routes.

    Canyon Cycling

    Relish a customized adventure in Zion, Snow Canyon State Park, or Bryce Canyon National Park from the gorgeous Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah. Explore the scenic trails atop a mountain bike or go horseback riding along the rim of the canyon. Between rock climbing, kayaking, and comprehensive spa services you and your hubby will never run out of fitness and wellness activities. Learn more about the various retreat packages.

    Skiing Vacations

    Warm up with a morning yoga class before hitting the slopes for a full day of skiing and snowboarding. The Ski Week is an organization that plans coordinated skiing and snowboarding retreats at exciting locales around the world, from Chamonix, France to Hakuba, Japan. Socialize with a global community of ski enthusiasts and return to your 9-to-5 with truly toned legs. Read more about The Ski Week to start planning for next season.

    Seaside Excursions

    Set out on a wellness voyage along the islands of the Sea of Cortez that are known for their pristine beaches and abundant wildlife. On the Wild Baja Escape expedition, you will spend up to four nights onboard the National Geographic Venture as you and your partner partake in plenty of oceanic activities like snorkeling with sea lions and hiking along volcanic rims. Learn more about the Wild Baja Escape and book your vacation today.

    When you’re packing for your active outdoor vacation don’t forget your dependable QALO silicone ring. Our durable design will help you showcase your commitment to your spouse while standing up to the toughest conditions no matter what type of adventure you find yourselves in!


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