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Lost Your Ring? Replacement Wedding Ring Ideas

Written By: QALO Inc.

Lost Your Ring? Replacement Wedding Ring Ideas

It’s the stuff of nightmares. Imagine looking down at your left hand and realizing your wedding ring is nowhere to be found. Maybe your flight is taking off and your stomach sinks as you realize, with a shock, that you left your ring in the hotel bathroom. Or it’s suddenly vanished from your home, and you have no clue where it could be. 

Your first order of business is to not panic. Next, follow these steps to recover or, if necessary, replace your lost wedding ring.

1. Retrace Your Steps

Concentrate on the last time you clearly remember wearing or seeing your ring, and then retrace your steps. Did you have it at the gym? Were you recently at a family member’s house? Contact any business where you may have left it behind, like a fitness center or hotel. Conduct a thorough search at home to verify that you didn’t accidentally leave it in a drawer or misplace it under your nightstand.

2. File a Claim

Within 24 hours of misplacing your ring, you should file a claim with your insurance company if you purchased insurance. If the ring turns up later, you can always contact the insurance company and cancel the claim. However, if you delay filing the report, you may not be reimbursed for the full value. Also check your renters’ or homeowners’ policy to see what it will cover.

3. Contact Your Jeweler

If the ring still doesn’t turn up, reach out to the jeweler who sold it to you. They may have a similar ring in stock, or they may still have records of the custom job so they can easily make a duplicate. Many business owners will sympathize with your situation and may even offer you a discount on a replacement ring.

4. Maintain Perspective

During the entire process, take a deep breath and remind yourself that losing a wedding ring doesn’t mean the world is ending. The strength of your relationship matters far more than a symbol of your commitment. Wedding rings can be replaced, but true love is hard to find.

5. Order a Replacement

You’ve done your due diligence but turned up empty-handed. You have to face the facts — your original wedding band is gone. Now it’s time to order a replacement. What can you do to avoid the heartbreak of losing your costly and likely custom metal wedding band?

Order a few QALO silicone rings to replace your metal wedding band. Silicone rings are comfortable and durable so you can tackle life’s tough challenges without removing your wedding ring. The low price point alleviates you of the extreme cost of replacing an expensive metal band when it goes missing.

Plus, QALO rings are easier to update and personalize with new colors and silhouettes. What’s on-trend for metal wedding rings may be out of style in just a few years, so embrace an affordable and stylish alternative to metal rings with a variety of QALO silicone rings.


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