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High Quality Silicone Rings Vs. Cheap Ones: The Differences

Written By: Melody Erhuy

High Quality Silicone Rings Vs. Cheap Ones: The Differences

Silicone rings are exploding in popularity as more buyers embrace the comfort, safety, and affordability of customizable silicone rings designed to withstand extreme pressure and temperatures while maintaining their integrity.

There are dozens of brands that design and sell silicone rings, but when you start shopping online you’ll find two major categories: brands that offer high-quality silicone rings ranging from $20 to $40 (a 95% discount off of traditional wedding bands), and brands that sell 7 packs of silicone rubber rings for $15. That’s less than two dollars per ring!

As the adopter of the silicone ring, you should know the main differences between our high-quality silicone rings and ones that run for two dollars online. Here’s what you should expect from QALO:



High-quality rings at QALO are constructed with 100% medical-grade silicone to provide reliable durability even when exposed to harsh chemicals and conditions. Our patented Q2X rings are ten times more resistant to discoloration and damage from gasoline, oil, and other chemicals and solvents when compared to standard silicone rings.

Our rings can typically withstand more than 20 pounds of direct force and pressure, meaning you can dangle a 20-pound bowling ball from your QALO ring without it snapping. To compare, cheaper silicone rings can only withstand about 10 pounds of pressure.

In addition, our Q2X rings can endure temperatures ranging from 75 degrees below zero to nearly 600 degrees F without losing their form. If you work in a tough environment or love exploring the extremes of nature a high-quality silicone ring will be the ideal symbol of commitment.


A price of $20 to $40 is a great discount when compared to traditional metal rings, and for this price tag, you get a ring carefully designed to make an impression while appearing stylish and professional. Lower-cost rings often have a bright sheen — according to one particularly scathing review at Wirecutter, cheaper silicone rings look “like something you'd find in a 25¢ plastic-egg machine.” The reviewer also stated that wearing these bargain-priced rings “felt like wearing a rubber band.”

At QALO we offer a wide variety of ring designs and color options with an additional level of personalization and customization not possible with cheap silicone rings. Love You Tomorrow named QALO the “overall winner” among the many companies offering silicone rings because of our huge selection of ring designs and “the ability to customize.”


When you order a ring from QALO you are joining a community that is committed to your happiness. We focus on customer service because we want you to be able to depend on us whether you want a ring to engage in love, athletics, the outdoors, or a tactile workplace. We offer a lifetime warranty, 60-day exchanges, and 30-day returns. This level of service is not something you should expect when buying a 7-pack online for less than $20.

At QALO we love to give back, which is why we focus on giving back to many worthy causes. We donate to 24-7 Commitment, Barbells for Boobs, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, the National Emergency Medical Services Memorial Foundation, and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. We depend on our communities and value those who depend on us.

Shop our high-quality silicone rings to find a lasting symbol of commitment that is durable, dependable, and designed to empower your lifestyle.


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