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    Holiday Proposals We Can't Stop Watching

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Holiday Proposals We Can't Stop Watching

    Every once in a while, whether you’re married, engaged or single, it’s fun to watch videos of other couples getting engaged. We have to admit, we’ve watched quite a few - we just can’t contain our sappy sides sometimes!

    In the spirit of the holiday season, we thought it would be fun to share some holiday-inspired proposal videos with you. Below are three of the holiday proposals we can’t stop watching - and you may not be able to either. (Spoiler Alert: They all say yes, so if you were afraid of having to bear watching someone get turned down, you can set those worries aside. Nothing but happy endings here.)

    A Christmas Proposal

    We’re just so inspired and touched by the love, joy, creativity and teamwork that went into making this proposal happen - the rain didn’t stop them either. That’s what umbrellas are for after all! There’s nothing like the support of close friends and family.

    Merry Me!

    We love the charmingly festive outdoor scene and simple sweetness of this proposal. The joy and love these two have for one another is all over their faces. Want to get cozy with your significant other like these two do at the end of this video? Our hand-made Sherpa family blankets are perfectly sized for snuggling up together.

    Christmas Eve Family Photo

    Another fun and festive proposal that involves the entire family! Watch how creative this group gets with their Christmas Eve family photo - and the touching reaction of the bride-to-be once she’s made aware of what’s going on.


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