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    Personalization Inspiration: How to Engrave Apple Watch Bands

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    Personalization Inspiration: How to Engrave Apple Watch Bands

    An Apple Watch is a convenient and innovative tool to stay organized, fit and stylish. At this point, you either have an Apple Watch or know someone who does! An Apple Watch can sync your calendar, text messages and emails, plus provide you with health and fitness stats, internet access and even let you make phone calls. With so many features, it’s important you have the right Apple Watch band to suit your lifestyle. With our customized silicone Apple Watch bands, you can do just that! 

    Why Have More Than One Apple Watch Band?

    Your Apple Watch comes standard with one band of two different lengths. If you like the standard band you receive — that’s great! But having multiple watch bands to wear is a good idea. 

    Why? Think cleanliness! Depending on the type of lifestyle you live, your watch band will come in contact with sweaty skin. The more active you are, the more likely you are to have a watch band rubbing against your skin. Silicone is a great material for working out — that’s why we always recommend silicone rings to active couples

    However, as with all things, the material can get dirty from rubbing against your skin frequently. While our rings — and watch bands — are made with material that minimizes odors and discoloration, harmful bacteria you can’t see with your naked eye can still build up. Plus, germs can make their home on your watch band, too. 

    Having more than one Apple Watch band means you can wash one without having to leave your watch off. You can also give your band a breather while you continue through your day. Removing a watch, especially during activities you would normally wear it for, can give you a weird feeling. Avoid that by having extra Apple Watch bands around. 

    checking apple watch on wrist

    Even if you wipe your watch down with a disinfectant wipe, you should still let it dry to ensure it gets as clean as possible. While your watch band dries out, you can simply wear another watch band. Make sure you brush up on how to clean watch bands before trying this at home, though. 

    You should also consider your profession. If you work in an office setting, a silicone watch band might not look the most professional in head shots or during important client meetings. Having an extra set of watch bands made from leather or cloth can make your watch appear more professional. However, you shouldn’t wear those materials while working out! If you’re in the office during the day but go to the gym at night, on weekends or early in the morning, you should still have a silicone watch band on hand to wear. 

    Why You Should Personalize Your Watch Band

    A personalized watch band is the best! Not only does it provide an interesting look, but it can also help you find your watch if you lose it. If you wear a band that’s a common color, such as white, black or even a gray Apple Watch band, then having it personalized can make it stand out from the crowd. Personalized items provide a unique look. 

    Our personalization process is easy! Here’s how you do it:

    our watch band personalization process

    Select the watch band you want

    We have a variety of patterns, designs and colors to choose from. Our personalization looks best on solid-colored watch bands. Choose the one (or more!) you like best. 

    Shop Our Silicone Apple Watch Bands and Get Yours Customized!

    Choose your size

    We offer four sizes for each watch band — small/medium and medium/large for each MM option Apple Watch. To find out what MM your watch is, flip over your Apple Watch. Around the edge of the magnetic ridge, which can also serve as the heart monitor for some series, you can find the details about your watch: what material it’s made from, what series it is and the MM size. Use this information to choose your size from our drop-down menu. Consider whether you wear the smaller or larger standard watch band. Use that to determine whether you select S/M or M/L. 

    Click on “Customize It”

    This is how you’ll customize your watch band. With four lines of text available, you can have practically any message embossed into the watch band. We do have a 20 character maximum for each line, but you can also choose what font you’d like your personalization to have. Initials, full names, names of your children, anniversary dates … the possibilities are endless! As you type in your message, you’ll see it appear on the band. That way, you can preview what it will look like before ordering. If you like the way your customization looks, then click “Confirm Customization.”

    Continue your order as usual

    We strive to deliver quality products to our customers as quickly as possible. That said, we do want everyone to know customization will typically add 5-7 days to your order. Rest assured, it’s worth the wait to have a customized Apple Watch band!

    If you have questions about the personalization process or ordering from us, don’t hesitate to visit our help center! Our site is filled with answers to FAQs we’re sure will answer your questions. From tips on ordering to information on refunds and exchanges, our help center has it all!

    adjusting apple watch

    Personalized Apple Watch Band Ideas

    Personalizing your Apple Watch band can be stressful if you don’t know where to start. Here are some ideas we think will help you decide how to personalize your Apple Watch band:


    Personalize your Apple Watch band with your initials. A classic way to personalize, using your initials — also known as your monogram — is a simple technique that adds something extra to your watch band without making it too obvious. Plus, if you have other monogrammed items you wear — shirts, jackets, shoes, jewelry … — your watch band will coordinate with them.

    Your full name

    There’s nothing better for personalizing your Apple Watch band than using your full name. This is perfect for teenagers who tend to lose things quickly or in the event it’s stolen from them — it can happen anywhere, to anyone, though! You can use it to make your watch band stand out from the crowd, especially if you have a band that comes in a more traditional, common color. 

    personalized band your full name

    Our Teal Apple Watch Band Is a Steal!

    Your birthday

    Birthdays are important to a lot of people. Some even consider their birthday their lucky number. It can hold a lot of significance to a lot of people. Personalize your watch band with your birthday for a unique way to make your band yours. 

    Your anniversary: Just like birthdays, anniversaries are important! They signify the day you became one with your partner. Many couples choose their date for highly symbolic reasons. Including it on your watch band is just another way to showcase your commitment. It also makes for a great inscription on your wedding band. Then, you can have a matching set!


    Location is also an important factor of personalization. Is there a location around the world important to you? Maybe it’s the geographical location of the hospital or town you were born in. Maybe it’s the place you first lived in on your own. Or, maybe it’s the location of your wedding or birth of your first child. Either way, coordinates are an interesting and unique way to personalize your watch band. Our teal Apple Watch band is perfect for personalization — bright and cheery, the embossed letters really stand out!

    Favorite quotes

    Quotes can mean something different to everyone. If you have a favorite quote, why not include it on your Apple watch band? Just make sure it’s short enough to match our character limit. Here are a few places you can find quotes for your watch band:

    reading book with cat

    - Books: Books are filled with great quotes to include on your watch band. Consider your favorite novel or a book that really influenced you as a kid. This can be a great phrase to incorporate in your watch band. 

    - Movies: Your favorite movie probably has a memorable quote attached to it, too! Consider using it on your Apple Watch band to show your dedication to the film. Whether it’s something that inspires you or just makes you laugh, it’s all welcome to be displayed on your watch band. 

    - TV Shows: Just like movies, TV shows are also great places to find memorable quotes. Include a line from your favorite TV show on your watch band to make it extra special. 

    - Letters and Cards: Letters and cards from friends and family members are great sources for personalization on your watch band. Does your mom always sign off her birthday cards with a specific phrase? Did your grandfather send you a heartfelt letter right before he passed away? These mementos are perfect for adding something personal to your Apple Watch band. 

    - Motivational quotes: Is there a motivational quote you saw on Pinterest or at the gym? Maybe it’s something someone posted on Instagram. Either way, if it motivates you and keeps you moving forward, why not include it on your watch band? At that point, it’s practically your mantra.

    personalized band favorite quotes

    Your kids’ names

    You love your kids, so why not honor them on your Apple Watch band? If you’re not the jewelry-wearing type, then you probably won’t be wearing any birthstone jewelry. Instead, you can use your watch band to show some love to your kids the way you would with that unworn jewelry. Perfect for parents with multiple kids, you can include their names right there on your watch band. 

    Incorporate a pattern

    Personalize a patterned Apple Watch band to add something extra to it. While the personalization itself is simple, the pattern will make your watch band feel like it was made just for you. 

    Order two and mix and match

    Order two Apple Watch bands of different colors and wear a different color for each end! Even if you choose not to get your band engraved, this is a great way to customize your watch band to make it feel different from everyone else’s. Buy as many colors and patterns as you’d like to accomplish this combination. 

    Bible verses: Bible verses are highly personal and perfect for personalization. You can either write the book and verse number or type out the full verse if it’s short enough. 

    Other Tips for Personalization

    When you personalize your watch band, there are a couple of other things you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are some more tips for personalizing your Apple Watch band:

    Keep it short and sweet

    The more clear and concise you can be when personalizing your watch band, the better! While your band is unique to you, it’s also important it be something you can read easily and quickly. Other people tend to notice your personalized items, too, so the less time they can spend staring at your watch band, the better. 

    Make it meaningful

    Meaningful personalizations are the best. When you can look at something and have a fond memory or happy feeling, then you know it’s the right choice. 

    taking photo of book

    Get a second approval

    Validation really helps us make decisions. Take a screenshot of your possible personalization and share it with a loved one. This way, they can confirm it not only looks good but makes sense!

    Only personalize it if you truly like it. If you order a personalized item you really aren’t too sure about, you probably won’t wear it. What’s the point of ordering it if you won’t wear it? If you aren’t sure about it when you see it on the screen, don’t order it. While we want everyone to personalize their items because we know how much more special it makes the item, it’s also important you love every piece. 

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