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How to Find Your Ideal Unique and Affordable Rings

Written By: Melody Erhuy

How to Find Your Ideal Unique and Affordable Rings

The idea that a wedding ring needs to cost the total of three months’ salary is outdated. Love shouldn’t have a price tag, and it just doesn’t work for everyone. Especially when there are far less expensive ways to find a perfect engagement ring. Plus, we know every relationship is unique in its own way. Not only are these rings more economical, they’re also incredibly unique so there’s the perfect QALO silicone ring for every couple out there. Here are a few tips on how to get the most dazzle for your dollar.

Drop the Diamond

Diamonds have only been linked with engagement rings for about 70 years. That’s really not that long in the scheme of things, and the idea that you have to purchase this pricey stone in order to impress your beau just seems silly. Prior to diamonds, many people focused on gemstones and birthstones instead. They’re far more affordable and add up to a far more sentimental ring. If you still want a colorless stone, trade the diamond out for Moissanite or a white Sapphire. Both are genuine gemstones, not imitation diamonds, and moissanite even sparkles more than a diamond!

  • Good Riddance, Gold

  • Another great way to save money is to trade gold in for other options. Since gold is a soft metal, you’re not choosing it for its long-term durability. You’re choosing it for prestige, tradition, and luster. But today’s metals are all engineered to have attractive luster, and many are offered at prices far less than gold. Instead, try opting for metal alternatives like silver, copper, or palladium. We also are quite fond of silicone as a replacement for gold rings when it comes to your wedding bands.

  • How about a Halo?

  • No matter what you do about a center stone for your engagement ring, consider building it up with the setting that you place it in. A halo setting places several tiny diamonds around the larger center stone. Those smaller diamonds are often far less expensive than larger solitaires and create a ring that is visually larger than any single solitaire stone. It’s an easy way to vamp up a ring! If a halo isn’t your thing, any upgraded setting will have the same impact.

  • Kick It Old School

  • There is something romantic about an antique ring. It carries with it a history and an elegance of yesteryear. The trend of using a mother’s, grandmothers, or other family matriarch’s former ring is far from new. It’s also super trendy right now, just look at Prince William and Kate Middleton! You can save big bucks by offering your love an antique family ring. It’ll mean more, too. If you don’t have a family ring to hand down, ask her mother. If there are no family rings on either side, don’t rule out engagement ring shopping at an antique dealer vs. a mall jeweler.

  • Switch Up the Tradition

    One last “outside of the box” idea that we love? Dropping the center stone (or a solitaire) entirely. Why not opt for an anniversary style ring, instead? It’s untraditional, so you won’t pay the traditional markup for an engagement ring, and it pretty much ensures that it will be unique amongst other brides. Since there is no single large stone, but rather many smaller stones, you’re likely to actually get more diamond weight total, and without the major price tag. As an added bonus, since the ring is already a band, you may not need to purchase a second ring for the wedding day. Just be sure to talk about the option with your bride-to-be first.

    And, of course, there are QALO silicone rings. They’re light as air and represent the best value on the market for rings. Since the sentiment isn’t all about the size of the stone, why not save up for a home down payment or an epic honeymoon by opting for a QALO for your engagement or wedding band. Here’s a look at our Forever Collection, designed to be as unique as your love.


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