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    How to Get Gas Smell Out of a Silicone Ring

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    How to Get Gas Smell Out of a Silicone Ring

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    You work with your hands a lot, which is why you decided to invest in a silicone wedding band for men instead of a delicate metal ring. But, when you’re elbow-deep in construction materials or oil and gas from changing car parts, or you’re spending time fighting fires in confined spaces, it’s important the silicone ring you purchase fights off any harsh smells or chemicals. You chose a silicone ring because you figured it would require less upkeep, so what do you need to do in order to get that weird smell out? It’s simple really: Clean it! 

    That’s right—all you need to do with your silicone ring is clean it in order to get that weird must out from it. There’s a few different reasons for cleaning your ring, as well as ways you can get it squeaky clean and ready to tackle the next adventure with you. 

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    How Other Rings Hold Smells

    Have you ever used silicone bakeware in the kitchen and realized it held onto an overpowering garlic smell? That’s because silicone allows molecules to attach to it! These molecules, unless removed with the proper cleaners, can stick around for much longer than you want and transfer to other items that are cooked or stored in the silicone. 

    This same concept applies to silicone rings other than our Q2X silicone rings. The molecules in oil, gasoline, and any other material—including germs and bacteria!—will stick around in those rings until you remove them properly. 

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    How to Clean Your Ring

    Even though our Q2X rings are built to be 10x more tolerant of gasoline or oils, it’s still important you remove any grime, sweat or bacteria that builds up over time. Unlike metal rings, you don’t have to use a weird combination of chemicals to clean your silicone ring properly. In fact, you’ll find cleaning your silicone ring can be much easier than cleaning other silicone items in your household, mainly because you don’t eat from your ring!

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    Let it wash with your other dishes: That’s right, you can put your ring in the dishwasher! Place it in the compartment where you put other small items, such as silverware and measuring spoons. Let it run through a regular wash and dry cycle with your other dishes, and it should come out nice and clean.

    Soak it: If you have a really bad build-up of gunk, washing your ring by hand might be the best way to go. Even though our silicone wedding bands for construction workers are the best choice, anyone who works in that field knows the materials they work with often track with them by getting on their clothes and skin. Your ring will pick those materials up, too, so cleaning it by hand will definitely ensure you can get all the gunk out of it! 

    Fill a small cup or bowl with warm water, a drop or two of dish soap, and a small amount of baking soda. While the water gets rid of any grime, the baking soda will remove any non-gasoline odors. Baking soda is a great odor eliminator that can help you get rid of any smell on your silicone ring. 

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    Why You Should Clean Your Ring

    If you wear a silicone ring because you actively visit the gym and lead an active lifestyle, your ring can hold onto moisture and leftover sweat. When you sweat, the bacteria that lives on our bodies breaks it down, causing body odor. This bacteria and body odor can seep into your silicone ring—and it can ultimately give you a rash or infection!

    When combined with other harmful chemicals, such as gas, oil or smoke, the bacteria left on your ring can create not only a bad smell but also a health risk for you. It’s important you clean your ring to prevent any infections or rashes. Even if you don’t smell anything, you should clean and sanitize your ring often to keep it just as healthy as you are!

    Construction workers and firefighters aren’t the only ones who should clean their rings, either. Even servicemen and women who wear our military wedding rings should clean their rings. Military members can be deployed to harsh climates or spend time on boats and around heavy-duty equipment, so it’s important they keep their rings in tip-top shape. Our rings are meant to be durable, but you should also take extra care of them to ensure they will last you a lifetime. 


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