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How to Get Motivated to Work Out

Written By: QALO Inc.

How to Get Motivated to Work Out

You made your resolutions. You’re ready for that perfect six-pack. But there’s a foot of snow on the ground, and your couch looks so much more inviting than the two-mile walk to your neighborhood gym. When you feel yourself start to slip, try these strategies to stay motivated to work out.

Partner Up

You’ve signed up for a month pass at the YMCA around the block, and you did 20 entire pushups! Sure, you were going to complete an hour of additional exercises, but who will notice if you slip out early? This common problem is best avoided by finding a workout partner. Going to the gym with an accountability buddy is an excellent motivation to exercise. Set a time to leave together or even complete all of your exercises together. This is a terrific way to get closer to friends from the office or in your neighborhood. 

Check Out a Class

Forcing yourself to cycle by yourself at the gym may seem like a stretch, but when you commit to cycling class at your local gym, you’re there for the duration. Attending work out classes is a terrific way to work up a sweat without cutting corners. Plus, you can expand the types of exercises you do and fall in love with something new! Seek out classes in cycling, yoga, Muay Thai, kickboxing, or work on your dance moves in a Bokwa class.

Stick to a Schedule

Decide when you’ll be working out and make an event on your calendar. Set reminders so your phone will ding an hour or two before you need to head out. Use a to-do list if you, like so many of us, get a wave of endorphins whenever you check something off of it. Scheduling your workouts and thinking of them as tasks will push you to show up and power through even when you’re groggy or simply not in the mood.

Set Manageable Goals

You’ve slapped a photo of Michael B. Jordan from Black Panther on top of your bathroom mirror with “February 1st” scrawled in Sharpie underneath. That’s the perfect recipe for disaster – set realistic goals for yourself so you can commit to exercise as a long-term life adjustment. Focus on losing a couple of pounds or increasing the weight you can bench press. Consult a physical trainer to determine what will motivate you without burning you out.

Grab New Gear

Invest in the new you with all-new workout gear! There are worse motivations than wanting to show off your snazzy exercise outfit. Pick up a Fitbit, a headband, moisture-wicking sweatpants, breathable tank tops, weight lifting gloves, training shoes, and a set of QALO silicone rings to showcase your commitment in the middle of a grueling workout. Your Instagram profile will light up as you slim down or bulk up.

Still struggling to hit your workout quota for the week? Just consult your smartphone! We’ve collected the best apps to keep you motivated to work out, especially during these bitter winter months when you’d rather stay curled up in bed. By following these strategies, you can find motivation for working out and experience the ultimate 2020 glow-up. 


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