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How to Give a Promise Ring

Written By: QALO Inc.

How to Give a Promise Ring

When you want a constant reminder of something or someone, wear a ring to symbolize it! That’s the basic premise of the promise ring. In theory, these keepsakes will go with you everywhere you go, so they make the perfect token to keep that special thought on your mind and in your heart at all times.

What Do Promise Rings Mean?

Commitment, love, monogamy, friendship, sobriety, chastity — all are valid reasons to give yourself or someone you love a promise ring. Whether you choose an affordable silicone ring or something studded with precious stones, a ring stands as a good reminder to stay on track and reach your goals.

Love and Commitment Most of the time, a promise ring serves as a wearable symbol of a commitment between couples. Often, it’s seen as a  “pre-engagement ring,” worn to indicate that a couple is not yet engaged but monogamous with the intention to get engaged in the future. You might consider giving a partner a promise ring during a long-distance relationship or as a mark of taking the next step in the relationship.

Chastity or Abstinence — Promise rings sometimes also signify a commitment to a religious vow of chastity. In these cases, they may be referred to as purity rings or abstinence rings. 

Friendship or Dedication to a Cause  Other times, promise rings are meant to serve as symbols of a lasting friendship, sisterhood or an affiliation with a specific organization or charitable cause.

A Wearable Reminder to the Self — Some people also use promise rings to serve as reminders of promises to the self. Perhaps you want a unique way to remind yourself to stay positive, to be mindful or to be kind to those around you. Perhaps a special ring can help you stay sober or stay on track towards a specific goal. Rings are the perfect reminder because they’re always there!

How to Give a Promise Ring

If you’re thinking about giving a loved one a promise ring to signify your shared love, commitment or friendship, you’ll want to take a bit of time planning your presentation. Here’s how to do it.

Determine Your Intention — In order to make sure your presentation goes off without a hitch, you need to spend some time thinking about what you want your ring to symbolize. If you’re giving it to a romantic partner to represent exclusivity or commitment, you want to be as sure as possible that your recipient feels the same way before presenting the ring.  

Tip: It should go without saying, but you should never give someone a promise ring for something they haven’t indicated they would like to commit to. For example, chastity and sobriety rings should generally be given to the self, not to another person, due to the personal nature of those commitments.

Go Ring Shopping — Traditional or modern? Engraved or not engraved? There are so many choices, from the traditional Irish Claddagh ring — worn with the heart facing inward to show that you’re “taken” — to attractive and affordable silicone rings that can be customized. Try your best to choose one that represents your recipient’s personality and sense of style.

Add a Customization — Our best advice is to choose a customizable promise ring so you can add your own sentiment and make the presentation extra-special. Rather than shelling out for an expensive precious metal or gem-adorned ring, consider a more affordable material, such as silicone, and then jazz it up with a heartfelt engraving. Initials, song lyrics, a poem or even a single word will make your recipient melt.

Plan What to Say – Now for the fun part! When revealing your promise ring to your partner, there are two crucial things to remember. 

Be clear! You don’t want your recipient to make any mistake about the meaning of your gift. For example, if you intend for it to be a “pre-engagement ring,” make that abundantly clear so your recipient doesn’t mistake the presentation for a proposal. 

Be sincere! At the same time, you want to speak from the heart and make sure this moment is one you both will remember for a lifetime. If you have to read from a paper or a note in your phone, that’s OK! Just as long as you say what you want to say.

Make a Presentation — Remember, your promise ring presentation is not an engagement and should not be as produced, but you still want to put a little pomp and circumstance into the affair! Consider giving it over dessert at your favorite restaurant, during a walk in the park, tucked into a bouquet of your recipient’s favorite flowers or on vacation. Keep it simple but sweet! 

forever and ever pair of rings

Giving From the Heart

No matter what your promise ring symbolizes, make sure it comes from the heart. QALO is here to help you design and give heartfelt promise rings that will absolutely delight the one you love!


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