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How to Keep Your Rings Safe When You Aren’t Wearing Them

Written By: QALO Inc.

How to Keep Your Rings Safe When You Aren’t Wearing Them

Everyone’s ring-wearing habits are built around the intricacies of their daily routines. Maybe you’re someone who beams with pride and wears your engagement ring throughout the day. Perhaps you work in a factory and don’t wear your metal band at all until you’re safe at home. Maybe your ring comes off for showers, for yoga, for hiking, and everything in between.

There’s a wide range of reasons why you would need to store your wedding band or engagement ring safely. No matter how cautious you are, you’ve probably experienced that sinking feeling when you reach for your ring on the nightstand and realize – it’s not there! Or you drop it in the sink and see, to your horror ­– there’s a scratch!

Making Ring Safety a Habit

Your engagement ring likely contains precious stones that can be scratched or damaged through regular exposure to the elements. Store your engagement ring in a container when you’re not wearing it to reduce surface damage and keep your ring looking its best.

Storing your ring in the box in came in can be cumbersome. Switching to a lighter case will keep your rings safe from harm without taking up as much space. Keeping a container with you wherever you remove your ring is also the best way to avoid misplacing it. Setting down rings on shelves, nightstands, lockers, and other surfaces increase your chance of losing your ring altogether, especially when your routine is interrupted.

Traveling with Jewelry

No situation disrupts your routine more than traveling. If you’re like us, you manage to leave at least one item behind when you go on a trip ­– don’t make it your ring! The best way to keep your engagement ring, wedding band, and your QALO rings secure on your next trip is with a convenient travel case.

Our Canvas Travel Case is compact enough to fit in your luggage or purse, and discreet enough to hang off your bag. The canvas material is soft to the touch, yet tough enough to keep your rings safe from harm. A larger case contains room for all of your rings and accessories, ensuring your jewelry is stored in one place.

Choosing a Ring Travel Case

How will you use your ring travel case? Smaller pouches like our Neoprene Bags are ideal for quick trips to the gym or for designating a spot on your bedroom dresser where your rings go. Swap out rings with ease on your way to work or to your next grueling cardio session.

The Canvas Travel Cases fit more rings, making them better-suited for trips and flights. We stock a wide variety of color schemes and styles of travel accessories so you can find the perfect fit for any sense of style. Don’t allow any of your rings to chip, fade, or vanish entirely. In 2020 make it a habit to store your rings when you’re not using them – let’s make it a resolution to keep our rings looking fab for years!


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