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    How to Know It's Time to Make The Jump to Silicone Rings

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    How to Know It's Time to Make The Jump to Silicone Rings

    Maybe you’ve heard about silicone rings. Maybe you’ve seen others wearing silicone wedding rings. Maybe you’ve been thinking about making the jump from traditional to trendy yourself. If you find that you’re caught in a revolving door of weighing pros and cons surrounding silicone rings, here are our five tell-tale signs that you’re ready to make the switch to silicone.

    You've damaged your metal ring(s).

    Damaged wedding rings are no fun. Not only is your spouse very likely upset, but your ring may also be ill-fitting, making you kind-of cranky, too. The repair process for traditional metal rings can be costly and time-consuming. Our suggestion? Take this frustrating (but not uncommon) event as a sign. It’s an opportunity to make the jump to silicone rings. And hey, unlike your metal rings, a QALO will never be bent or stretched out of shape, have loose prongs, or snag on a sweater. Our Q2X line is the toughest silicone ring on the market.

    You've lost your rings.

    If your spouse was upset over a damaged ring, we imagine things at home are not very awesome if you’ve lost your traditional wedding ring. These rings are almost invaluable. Not only do they represent a deep commitment, they’re also extremely expensive to replace. If yours is on the lamb, consider replacing it with a silicone ring. Our silicone wedding rings are value-rich, meaning if ring loss is a regular thing for you, it’s easier and more affordable to replace rings without causing major stress at home. If you’ve got a lost ring, it’s time to switch to silicone. And, ahem, maybe start with our clearance priced selections?

    You don’t wear the rings that you have.

    This can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re now the wrong size for you and have become uncomfortable, or more likely, your job or lifestyle isn’t friendly to metal rings. Doctors, nurses, care providers, members of the armed forces, police, firefighters, and athletes all commonly tell us that their jobs or hobbies make metal rings not work for them. Another common culprit? Maybe the wedding band you chose decades ago … just isn’t your style anymore. If you find that you’re not wearing your traditional rings, or that you constantly have to remove them, it’s time to switch to silicone. Our crossover rings are the perfect blend of trendy and traditional.  

    You struggle to find a comfortable fit.

    When a ring industry has to give names like, “Comfort Fit” and “Comfort Band” to their products, there is a reason. It’s because they’re not comfortable. Face it – our finger isn’t a perfect circle. It makes no sense to buy a rigid ring that is. You’ll never find a “Comfort Fit” QALO because we don’t have to solve the problem of an uncomfortable fit. Our flexible rings move with your fingers, no matter what shape they take. And they’re always comfortable. Sick of wearing uncomfortable rings? It’s time to switch to silicone. Our ring size guide is the perfect place to start.

    You have metal allergies. 

    Would you believe that as many as 20% of the population has some level of allergy or sensitivity to the metal alloys found in traditional rings? It doesn’t have to turn your finger green in order to be a bad fit for your unique biochemistry. If a ring causes calloused, dry skin, it’s also a poor reaction to the metal. If this sounds like you, it’s time to switch to silicone. Our rings are 100% hypoallergenic. Shop our attractive stackables line, here.

    Ready to boldly move into the future? We can help you find your perfect silicone ring in just a few clicks. We’ve designed this quiz to quickly identify your perfect ring. And we’ve got this handy ring size guide to make sure it’s a perfect fit. On top of everything else, here’s our return and exchange policy, just in case your first silicone ring isn’t the perfect fit for you.


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