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    Watch Band Sizing - Finding the Perfect Fit

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    Watch Band Sizing - Finding the Perfect Fit

    Your Apple Watch is your go-to digital companion for heart rate monitoring, controlling your Apple TV, and hitting your fitness goals. But if you’re an adventurer or athlete, you’re bound to work up a sweat during the day. The grooves in the original bands tend to trap moisture, which can cause your wrist to become itchy and irritated. Why compromise and endure discomfort when wearing the world’s most advanced smartwatch? 

    Introducing the QALO GridLock Watch Band

    We developed our brand new GridLock watchbands to elevate the Apple Watch experience for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and adventurers who don’t want anything to hold them back. The unique Dual Lock Fastener provides added security, and the grooveless comfort-fit design eliminates the need to clean your band of dirt, grime or sweat.

    You were likely measured for your band in-store when you bought your Apple Watch. To ensure you choose the correct size for your GridLock watch band, let’s break down our four sizes and what they mean.

    Understanding the Four Watch Band Sizes

    QALO offers four sizes of GridLock watch bands:
    38/40mm S/M
    38/40mm M/L
    42/44mm S/M
    42/44mm M/L

    First, you need to determine what size Apple Watch you own. Before the release of the Apple Watch 4, the device was available in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm. The latest version of the Apple Watch has increased the sizes to 40mm and 44mm. The size indicates the length of the bezel vertically. If you aren’t sure which model you have, find a flexible tape measure and note the length from the top to the bottom of your Apple Watch.

    Next, you’ll want to measure the circumference of your wrist and decide if you want a small/medium watch band or a medium/large one. Here’s what we recommend:

    38/40mm S/M: wrists measuring 130-180mm
    38/40mm M/L: wrists measuring 150-200mm
    42/44mm S/M: wrists measuring 140-190mm
    42/44mm M/L: wrists measuring 160-210mm

      How to Measure for a Watch Band at Home

      You can make the choice between S/M and M/L in just a couple of minutes. Find a cloth or otherwise flexible tape measure to size your wrist. Hold the tape measure directly below your wrist bone and wrap it around where you normally wear a watch. You want the tape measure to be snug, but not too tight.

      Use this handy inches-to-millimeters converter if your tape measure only measures in inches. Once you know your wrist circumference in millimeters, choose the watch band size that gives you the most leeway in either direction. If your Apple Watch 4 is a size 44mm and your wrist measures 165mm, you should choose the 42/44mm S/M watch band. The larger size would only give you 5mm of flexibility. 

      Correctly sizing your GridLock watch band will ensure your Apple Watch remains comfortable throughout the day while accurately tracking your heart rate and other vitals. Customize your watch band with an inspirational phrase or identifying namesake to personalize your freshly upgraded Apple Watch.


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