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How To Prepare for A Holiday Road Trip

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who will be traveling during the holidays and will be traveling by car, we know all too well how all the excitement about a holiday road trip can be deflated soon after you’ve left your house. It’s easy for everyone to get dreamy and envision a grand time full of fun and laughter, without thinking about the realities of traffic and kids asking, “Are we there yet?” every 5 minutes!

So, to help your upcoming trip live up to your dream vision as much as possible, we’re providing a few tips to help you prepare for any potential roadblocks that may arise during your holiday highway time. Follow these tips and you’ll find that, while your trip will most likely not be all rainbows and unicorns, it will be an enjoyable and memorable experience that your family can look back on with fondness in the years to come.

1. Stock Your Car with Essentials

Pack enough food and water so that you don’t need to stop whenever someone is hungry or thirsty. Having a good supply of snacks and beverages will also be a lifesaver if you end up in a traffic jam for a while and can’t get to a rest stop or restaurant. Medicine and first aid supplies are also essential, as you never know when you’ll need these items throughout the trip. And a couple of good blankets should always be kept in your car in case of an emergency, but are also great to cuddle up with while reading or taking a nap break during road trips.

2. Make a Playlist

Even if the longest road trip you’ve ever taken was only an hour long, you’re probably aware that only listening to the music on the radio will get old - and fast. Additionally, depending on where you’re heading, there’s a good chance your favorite stations will eventually just play static. Instead, make at least one custom playlist featuring everyone’s favorite holiday songs, nostalgic tunes and audiobooks. Everyone will have fun singing along and listening to favorite stories - you’d be surprised how much time passes by when everyone’s engaged.

3. Load Up on Car and Travel Games

In our opinion, no road trip is complete without family car games, so prepare in advance by putting together a list of age-appropriate games before your trip. If you want to set the tone for a great trip from the very beginning, pick a game to play within the first 30 minutes of your trip. If you wait until someone is bored or complaining, it may be too late to get them excited about starting a game at that point.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

There’s nothing worse than being in the car for hours in uncomfortable clothes. Be sure every family member wears casual, comfy clothes that feel great on the skin and are made with flexible, breathable fabric. If you need an awesome tank or t-shirt to wear in the car (and on your trip), check out our stylish, yet super comfortable, men’s and women’s shirts.

5. Take Frequent Breaks

For everyone’s sanity, plan to take frequent breaks instead of trying to get to your destination in record time. Breaks are important so that everyone can stretch their legs, get some fresh air and, of course, use the bathroom. We highly recommend adding to the excitement of your holiday road trip by including a mix of both planned and unplanned stops. To do this, before you leave, look at some of the activities and tourist attractions you'll be passing along the way. When you’re on the road, plan to stop and enjoy some of them. You won’t regret it!


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