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    How to Put a Dog Tag on a Collar

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    How to Put a Dog Tag on a Collar

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    One of the number one rules of owning a dog is ensuring they have a set of dog ID tags to wear every day! Their tags keep them safe—in the event they get lost, a tag will help anyone who finds them to know who they belong to and where to return them. 

    But, putting a dog tag on a collar can seem like a bit of a task. How does it attach? Should you add an extra ring or device to clip it to the collar? There are a lot of questions you’ve probably asked yourself as you consider which dog tag to get. We’re here to help! Here are some of our favorite easy ways to put a dog tag on a collar. 

    Our Silicone Dog ID Tags Are Easy to Put On Your Best Friend’s Collar

    1. Check out your dog’s collar. Some dog collars come with rings on them or small clasps you can use to attach the ID tag without needing any additional equipment. They’re perfect, especially if your dog doesn’t like to sit patiently while you attach the tag!

    2. Pay attention to the type of attachment device used with your dog tag. Here at QALO, the health and safety of your pets is our priority. Because of that, we use split rings in our dog tag design. Some ID tag manufacturers use small s-hooks to attach tags. While this seems like an easy, effective way to get dog tags on collars, they can also open and get caught on different parts of the dog’s body, causing them injury. 

    If you decide to remove the split ring from our dog tags and instead use an s-hook because you feel it’s easier, be mindful of the risks and close the s-hook as tightly as possible!

    3. Find a tag that doesn’t make a lot of noise. Our silicone personalized dog tags are known for being quiet and not making noise as your dog runs about the house. That doesn’t mean our dog tags are boring, though—we have a variety of patterns and colors that will let your dog’s personality shine through! Whether your dog climbs mountains with you or you want a feminie floral design, we’ve got the dog tag perfect for your pup. 

    dog enjoying his first trip to the mountains

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    4. Make sure you have contact information on it. You’ll want a dog tag that has a space for any contact information. Whether it’s your phone number or address or to let everyone know whether your dog is microchipped, having your contact information on your dog’s ID tag will come in handy in the event your pup gets off his leash or bolts out the front door while you’re bringing groceries in. 

    Having Trouble With Training? Teach Them These 7 Basic Dog Commands to Start

    5. Get your dog to sit. There’s two ways to put the tag on your dog’s collar. Either way, your dog will need to one at least one of the 7 basic dog commands—he’ll need to know how to sit! You will either have to take your dog’s collar off completely, or you’ll need to attach the tag onto the clip while the collar’s on your dog’s neck. Your dog will have to sit through either of those actions in order for you to properly attach the ID tag!

    brittany puppy dog

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    6. Know how to slip the split ring on. Depending on how tight the split ring is, and whether you have acrylic nails, you’ll want to practice with the split ring. If you have acrylic nails, it can be difficult to hold the split ring open and not scratch at your polish! Make sure you have an extra set of hands available to help you in case opening the split ring will damage your nails. 

    7. Consider the buckle instead of the tag ring. The metal the tag ring is made of can be thinner and weaker than the metal of the buckle. The tag ring on your dog’s collar is also meant for your dog’s leash, and the idea is that the metal can break in case the leash is tugging too hard against your dog’s neck. If you attach their tag to the buckle instead of the tag ring, you don’t have to worry about it coming off in the event the tag ring breaks. Alternatively, you could get a harness so you don’t need to use a leash on the tag ring. 

    No matter what dog tag you choose, it’s important you keep it updated. Including vaccine tags that indicate the most recent date your pup was vaccinated for rabies and other diseases and updated contact information whenever you move will ensure no matter what dog tag you have on your dog’s collar, it will help your pup find its way home. 


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