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    Introducing The Eva Shockey Collection

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Introducing The Eva Shockey Collection

    Recently we introduced you to Eva Shockey. She’s our Brand Ambassador, and with a firm basis in the outdoors and family, what she stands for is pretty similar to our own. We were even more excited by Eva when we realized that her design choices were spot on with the QALO brand.

    So, without further ado, we could not be more pleased to introduce you to the Eva Shockey Collection for QALO.

    Strata Rings

    Featuring moss green as the focal color, these two-tone rings feature delicate cutout fish. The men’s line showcases a black underlay, and the ladies version an ivory overlay. The collection seeks to showcase the colors of nature without sacrificing style or wearability. Says Eva, “Incorporated into the pattern is a small fish and arrow, which is a nod to my love of hunting and Tim’s love for fishing. It’s a subtle design that I love!”

    A second women’s ring is also included in this collection. It features arrows that perfectly frame a heart, tied to her love for bow hunting, and her daughter Leni Bow. 

    Men also get a few more Strata options in the Eva Shockey for QALO collection. Again featuring a moss green overlay to black silicone, this design is whimsical and creatively features a favorite memory of Eva’s.

    She says, “Whitetail deer will always remind me of one of my first hunting trips.  This pattern is a fun, abstract take on one of my favorite mounts.”

    Other styles include a second fish hook and arrow design.

    But wait, there's more. 

    Keeping with the Earth-toned outdoors theme, the Eva Shockey for QALO collection branches into stackable rings as well!

    “I love QALO stackable rings and wanted to create my own set with colors that I love. I really like how these stackable rings can be mixed and matched with the other rings in the collection,” said Eva.

    Eva paired a hammered green with beaded ivory to showcase the many textures found in nature.

    Finally, Eva is proud to add a unisex camo ring to the collection, “This is the perfect ring silhouette that both men and women can wear. It’s not too thick and not too thin and the brushed camo is my favorite!”

    .. and that's not all! 

    Eva wanted her collection to include items for the family as well. That’s why this collection includes two silicone pet tags and a three-piece collection of silicone teething necklaces.

    To shop the entire collection, click here.


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