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    Just How Indestructible are QALO Rings?

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Just How Indestructible are QALO Rings?

    One of the reasons so many people are choosing silicone rings is because they’re tough. They’ll move with your finger and stretch when placed under pressure. They stand up to extreme temperatures, won’t conduct electricity, and resist weakening or straining as a result of contact with oils, solvents, or other abrasive chemicals. But, just HOW indestructible are QALO rings? Let’s take a look at our patented Q2X technology. It’s the toughest silicone ring on the market, and you can only get it with QALO.


    When compared against traditional silicone rings, QALO’s Q2X is ten times more resistant to discoloration and damage from gasoline, oil, and other chemicals and solvents.

    One Tough Cookie

    A standard silicone ring can withstand about 10-15 pounds of pressure. Imagine hanging a 10-pound dumbbell from the ring. It’d likely hold up to that amount of pressure. A Q2X ring can withstand up to 22 pounds of force and pressure. That means you could dangle a 20-pound bowling ball from your ring without having it give way. It takes a lot of force to break a QALO.


    The Q2X is a sun-loving, ice craving, versatile little ring. It can withstand temperatures ranging from 75 degrees below zero to nearly 600 degrees F. From ice carving to the hottest kitchen out there, your Q2X has you covered. And it will never transfer temperature to your skin.

    Just a Softie

    Just like every tough guy we know, turns out the Q2X is just a softie on the inside. Made from silicone that is less rigid than traditional silicone, your Q2X is light as air, super subtle, and more comfortable than you can imagine.

    On top of all this, your Q2X silicone ring maintains the same non-porous and non-conductive properties of all our silicone rings.

    Ready to see what the buzz is all about? Q2X comes in a large selection of colors from men and for women. Starting under $30 each, it might just be the strongest jewelry decision you’ve ever made. Find your new favorite, here.


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