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Keep Cool All Summer With QALO Silicone Rings

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Keep Cool All Summer With QALO Silicone Rings

This summer the hottest trend out there is pairing a classic staple color with a bright, bold pop of summer fun. We watch trends so that you don’t have to, and here are our favorite ways to give your style a hand up on summer chic.

Men's White Marble

It doesn’t get any easier to pair colors than it does when you grab a marble ring. The white marble is a favorite for its versatility. It is fresh, clean, fun, and crisp without sacrificing fun. Since the icy white is paired with wispy shades of silver and gray, this is a ring that matches everything. From office wear by day to concert wear at night and even board shorts on the boardwalk, the Men’s White Marble is your one-stop ring for simple summer fashion.

Men's Arctic Camo

Another easy, breezy way to capture summer tones in one ring is the QALO Arctic Camo. Also available for women, this ring blends deep, midnight blue with pearled whites and a touch of brilliant Caribbean blue for a combined effect that is show-stopping. From sea to sky, capture your favorite blue tones in one ring.

Men's Charcoal Grey Step Edge

Capture that icy steel tone that is getting noticed with the Charcoal Grey Step Edge ring. This ring gives men the opportunity to play with a color feature. While this ring is a strong, neutral color all by itself, it also pairs nicely with a thin stackable ring in a bright summer shade. Wear them together or on different fingers to create a balanced look that is all sizzle.

Women's Pearl Scallop

Love summer, but bold colors just aren’t your thing? That’s exactly why the Pearl Scallop ring made our list. Its delicate shape stands boldly out among other rings so much that it doesn’t need a pop of color in order to get noticed. On top of the bold design, this ring has a feminine shimmer that is upscale and on trend. We also love that the stark white of the ring will make your summer tan look even more developed.

Women's Strata Black & Aqua Flora

This ring is everything when it comes to summer trends. Not only does the contrast between the black outer and bright teal inner layers create a hot look, but the inlaid, cutout design is also on trend for summer 2018. We love that this ring can complement almost any color combination in your outfit. It’s safe for your finger and perfect for summer.


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