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    Kid-Friendly 4th of July Snacks

    Written By: Nicole Browning

    Kid-Friendly 4th of July Snacks

    The summer holiday season is upon us and we're ready to celebrate. Part of what makes the 4th of July so great is the warm weather, good company, and most importantly... the treats! We know how much fun it is to let the kids get involved in the kitchen, so we've broken down some kid-friendly, festive snacks that they'll have the freedom to create themselves. Let's get to snacking like it's 1776!

    What You'll Need: 
    - Wood Skewers 
    - Watermelon 
    - Blueberries
    - Raspberries
    - Mini-Marshmallows 
    - Cutting Knife 
    - Star-shaped Cookie Cutter  

    Step 1: 

    Grab a skewer and start stacking! Depending on the size of the skewer, you may want to double up on your fruit to create your American flag design (shown in the photo above). We started with a few blueberries as our "stars," then stacked on the marshmallows and raspberries to create our "stripes." 

    Step 2: 

    Repeat step one until you've completed enough skewers to create your full American flag! Remember, you'll need a few that include the "stars" (blueberries) and a few without to create your "stripes." 

    Step 3: 

    Now it's time for some "fireworks!" You'll see examples of these in the photo below. To start, you'll need to slice up your watermelon. Parents, we recommend you take over this step, just to be safe. Be sure to go for larger slices, as they'll need to be larger than the size of the cookie cutter. 

    Step 4: 

    Use your star-shaped cookie cutter to create tasty watermelon stars! 

    Step 5: 

    Create some fireworks with what you have left of the blueberries, raspberries, and marshmallows! Stack away, and feel free to let the kids get super creative with these ones. Top it off with your watermelon star for the ultimate firecracker!  

    Step 6: 

    Lay out your beautiful creations on a festive platter. We recommend putting the final product in the freezer for a bit, especially if you plan on serving the dish outside. 

    Step 7: 

    Enjoy your delicious, cold, healthy treat! Happy 4th of July! 

    Celebrate the red, white, and blue with the QALO Americana Collection - available exclusively online and in limited quantities, so grab them while they're hot! 


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