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    Marriage Monday: A Look Into A Few Favorite Instagram Moments

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Marriage Monday: A Look Into A Few Favorite Instagram Moments

    If you're looking for some adorable couple inspiration today, look no further than the Instagram accounts of some of the cutest QALO couples out there. Whether you're in a relationship or flying solo, we know these photos will have you saying “Aww!” right along with us. We just love cute couple moments like these!

     @alicia.szostak:  "When you're hungry and your stomach rumbles so loudly that the whole town hears it..." 

    We can’t get enough of this photo of this happy couple enjoying the great outdoors wearing our Silicone Rings

     @deskatepierce: "We said yes... FINALLY❤️."

    What a simply lovely way to announce an engagement. Of course, we’re somewhat biased since they are showing off our stylish Silicone Rings…Congratulations Destiny and Dalton! We’re so happy for you!

    @kateschwanke: "Kids are in bed and now it’s time to cozy up with some Netflix and Hot Cocoa with the hubby 😍 It seems to be our nightly routine: get the kids in bed (get up a dozen times to see what they “need”), then watch a show with a snack. Yep, we’re pretty wild 😂" 

    This photo and post are a great reminder of how important it is for couples to carve time out for each other every day. No matter how busy life gets, spending even a little bit of quality time together each day will go a long way in strengthening your relationship and your family.

    @modernfarmhousefamily: "This guy... letting me hop out on a shop day date with my mom and sister while he conquers the world with 4 boys! Aka they get their best day ever with Daddy!! I’m so thankful that he’s flexible. And handsome. And oh so hard working for us. And while I’m bragging...he’s THE handiest guy ever (thank you, Lord)!"

    How adorable is this couple? The love they have for one another is apparent not only from this photo, but from how Sarah expresses her gratitude for her hubby and how he supports her. Can we point out how pretty Sarah’s ring trio looks? 

    @themotherhoodkind: "The cheerful holiday music, the glowing twinkle lights, the decorated Christmas trees, and sweet smiling faces put me in that sappy, romantic mood. Anyone else feel it?"

    A perfect picture to set the scene for the holidays. We love the festive spirit and family togetherness this photo captures. We may even have to steal the Santa Starfish ornament idea and DIY our own.


    Do you have a cute couple photo you’d love to share with us? Use the #QALOring hashtag on social media. We can’t wait to see your pics!


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