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    Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching, and we know everyone wants to show the moms in their lives just how much they love and appreciate them. To help you find the perfect gift that matches your mom’s personality and interests, we’ve put together a Mother’s Day gift guide based on different types of moms.

     For the Expectant Mom

    Whether she’s pregnant with her first child or her fourth, shower the soon-to-be mom with a perfect Mother’s Day gift for expectant mothers. 
    One great gift is a stylish diaper bag. When you get one with a chic design, instead of something cutesy, not only will mom greatly appreciate its everyday practicality, but she’ll love having a fashionable accessory that shows off her style.

    A trendy pregnancy dress or elegant maternity outfit is also a great gift that will make her feel beautiful and feminine. Depending on how far along she is, you can pair this dressy outfit with a gift for a maternity photoshoot, whether in the near future or further along in her pregnancy.  

    For the New Mom

    Make any new mom’s life easier by helping her feel pampered and making her life easier.  An ultra-comfortable, soft robe that feels fabulous to wear is a great way to do that. She’ll love wearing it to lounge around the house, while breastfeeding or while watching a movie.

    Another fabulous gift new moms will always remember is a deep-cleaning service! Not only does this thoughtful gift give her some much-needed free time, but it gives her peace of mind when she looks at her newly sparkling clean home and doesn’t have to worry about undertaking the huge chore herself (at least not for a while!).

    For Moms Who Love Coffee
    Does your mom always start her day with coffee? And then drink more throughout the day?  A personalized ceramic mug with her favorite photos and adorable quotes will make a unique Mother’s Day gift that she’ll love using. And if her coffee is constantly getting cold because she doesn’t have time to enjoy it in one sitting, then an Ember Temperature Control Mug will be perfect for her. It keeps coffee hot for up to 1.5 hours on a single charge and allows you to choose the precise temperature of your coffee.

    For the Fashion-Forward Mom

    For moms who love keeping up with fashion trends and always looking in style, jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give. But don’t get her just any old piece of jewelry — design personalized jewelry she’ll be excited to wear every day.

    QALO offers a variety of fashionable women’s silicone rings in a range of styles, including modern, classic and inspired. Our rings can be personalized too, making it an even more meaningful gift.

    For the Foodie Mom

    Does mom or grandma love to cook? Then get creative by putting together a cooking-inspired gift set. Include a new cookbook, beautiful dish towels that go with her kitchen decor, and some of her most frequently used ingredients. Also, if there’s a special kitchen appliance she’s had on her wish list, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to surprise her with it!

    If mom loves food but not so much having to cook it, then you can take her out to her favorite restaurant for a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner. Or, you can cook her favorite meal and enjoy a lovely family dinner together in the comfort of your home.  

    For the Active Mom

    For moms who love to hit the gym or be active outdoors, there are plenty of gifts she’ll get tons of use out of. One is a stainless-steel BPA-free water bottle. This makes a practical gift and, when you personalize it by adding photos of her family, it becomes sentimental too.
    Another cool gift for active moms is a QALO’s accessory bag. Both our canvas travel cases and neoprene bags are ideal for storing small accessories when at the gym or out on the trails. These little gems may be tiny, but their use is mighty!
    After giving mom one of both of these gifts, surprise her with the additional gift of a family hike or bike ride to further celebrate her special day. She’ll be able to put her new gift(s) to use right away!  
    No matter what stage of motherhood your mom is in or what she loves to do, you’ll get plenty of inspiration and ideas from this gift guide for moms!


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