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    New Puppy Gifts: 8 Gift Ideas for New Dog Owners

    Written By: QALO Inc.

    New Puppy Gifts: 8 Gift Ideas for New Dog Owners

    New puppies bring such great joy! Welcoming a puppy into the family is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially for first-time pet owners. Much like bringing a new baby into the world, introducing a new puppy into the fold can take some adjusting. With so many new things to purchase and puppy-proofing to do, some pet owners don’t know where to start. Show the new puppy-parents in your life some love with these gift ideas to give them!

    1. A Dog Tag: Every dog needs a unique, fun dog tag! One of the most important things about dog tags is that they help identify the dog in the event it gets loose from its leash, or it digs its way out from under your fence. Our durable silicone dog tags are a great choice because they are personalizable and come in many different designs! They’ll last throughout the dog’s life, and their simplistic designs let you focus on the important stuff to write on a dog tag: the dog’s name, phone number for mom or dad, and whether or not they’re microchipped. 

    Give the Gift of a Silicone Dog ID Tag

    2. Puppy Treats: A puppy’s teeth need special attention and care. Why not give the new puppy parents a bag or two of puppy treats? They’ll be thankful that it’s one less expense they have to worry about as they transition to dog ownership. Treats are also a great way to teach a puppy commands and tricks, so having lots on hand will help them learn faster.

    3. Grooming Tools: Whether it’s a bottle of shampoo, a detachable shower nozzle or a set of brushes and combs, grooming utensils are great for new puppy parents. It’s not one of the first things new pet owners think about, but they are a necessity. Dogs, especially puppies, get in lots of messes as they learn all about their new environment. They will need baths more often than not, so having the necessary tools will really help new owners get them cleaned up after an afternoon in the yard. 

    beagle dog sleeping
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    4. Puppy Blankets: A perfect blanket is essential for a growing puppy to snooze in after a long day of play! Try to find some that are large enough for them to sprawl out on but thick enough to curl up in. A snuggly blanket is very important for them to snooze the day away, too! You should also try finding weighted pet blankets to calm them down if they get over-excited during thunderstorms or fireworks. The new owners will feel very thankful you thought about keeping their little friend peaceful during any potentially overwhelming situations. 

    5. Teething Toys: A puppy can never have enough toys! Consider giving the new pet-owners puppy toys that double as teething toys to help them through their teething process. Similar to children, teeth coming in can cause a lot of discomfort in their mouths, so having teething toys available can help them relieve some of the pressure and discomfort the puppy has. New puppies love to chew things, so, by having lots of chew toys around the house, they won’t chew up the pillows, shoes or furniture! 

    english cocker spaniel puppy
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    6. Personalized Bowls: Ensure the new puppy eats in style by getting them a set of personalized food and water bowls! To teach puppies how to not eat too quickly, you can find slow feeder bowls that make eating a game, elevated dog bowls for dogs with short snouts and bowl sets with attached mats for messy eaters! Picking the right set of dog bowls is important, so take some of the pressure off the new puppy parents by finding them a set or two they can use as they learn more about the new puppy’s eating habits.

    7. Training Pads: Puppies need to learn that they can’t urinate wherever they want! Similar to diapers for newborns, new puppies are going to need lots and lots of training pads. Help their owners out by giving them a few packs of training pads. If the new owners end up not using all of their puppies’ pads, they can donate the leftover training pads to a local shelter or give them to one of their other friends who bring a puppy home! 

    8. Training Books: Sometimes, dog owners shouldn’t turn to Google for all their puppy training answers. Give them a couple of training books written by professionals in the dog training field so they have quality information! You can find training books for dogs on practically any topic available, as well as some books geared to specific breeds. 

    For new puppy owners, it’s important they learn as much as they can about the breed of their dog because it will help them understand their dog better. From health issues to activities that will keep them in shape, having the books on their breed is necessary.


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