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NFL Training Camp Workouts: Can You Handle Them?

Written By: Melody Erhuy

NFL Training Camp Workouts: Can You Handle Them?

Maybe you tried P90X a few years ago when the craze hit maximum popularity, or maybe you’ve joined a circuit training gym and have discovered the abs hiding under the flab. No matter how extreme your workout is now, chances are a brutal NFL training camp workout would transform your exercise regimen or stop you in your tracks.

What we consider the dead period of the NFL is anything but dead for the players — NFL training camps are absolutely insane, pushing players to their physical limits so they can perform under pressure and rise to the occasion during the regular season. Try some of these workouts and methods from actual NFL training camps to learn if you are NFL material!



Hit the Sand

Think working out in an air-conditioned gym with a floor under your feet is tough? Try hitting the beach to crank up the intensity of any workout. Sandpits and beachside drills are a staple of rigorous NFL training camp workouts — the sand absorbs all of the force from your feet, demanding that your muscles compensate while you complete your exercises. 

Doing cardio and or drills barefoot in the sand helps NFL players prevent injury to their knees and other areas of their legs, as every muscle and joint in their legs has to learn to work together without the support of shoes. Completing a workout in the sand will ensure you really get the most out of your leg day. 

Squat ‘Til You Drop

Success in football comes down to strength, balance, and stability. No exercise improves these attributes better than the squat, which is why it’s so central to most NFL training camp workouts. Pros mix things up with several types of squats during one workout to target different muscles and perfect their form. 

During your workout add multiple types of squats — rotate between box squats, full-body squats, and kettlebell Bulgarian squats. Add as much weight as you can while maintaining good form. Your back, legs, and glutes contribute to nearly every movement your body makes, so squats are something like a shortcut to increased power and explosiveness.

Smash That Core

You can’t avoid crunches, even if you’re an NFL all-star. DeMarcus Ware of the Denver Broncos says that everything he does on the field starts with his core, whether it’s shaking off an offensive lineman or making an explosive movement to get to the quarterback.

Ware prefers adding resistance and upping the ante regarding core exercises to keep your abdominals guessing and pushing how far you can take it. Try lying with your upper back on a physioball, holding two straps from a cable resistance machine that’s behind you. Crunch upward into a sitting position on the ball — the resistance from the cables will take your core routine to another level.

NFL Training Camp Sample Workout

This week rise to the challenge and try a certified NFL workout at the gym! Wear your QALO silicone ring to avoid injuries like ring avulsion — this workout will push you.

The Andre Johnson workout was developed by (you guessed it) former Houston Texans wideout Andre Johnson. He finished his career with the 11th-best number of receptions ever at the time of his retirement, and a lot of his success can be attributed to the amount that he pushed himself in training camps and the offseason.

There are four 60-minute workouts per week. We recommend completing two workouts on sequential days, taking a rest day, and then doing the final two workouts. Some moves like the power clean are fairly advanced, so if you are unfamiliar with any exercises take time to work on your form before adding weight.

Ready to work out like you’re in an NFL training camp? The entire Andre Johnson workout can be found over at Men’s Journal. See if you’ve got what it takes to go pro, or at least get your beach bod in top form! 



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NFL Training Camp Workouts: Can You Handle Them?
What we consider the dead period of the NFL is anything but dead for the players — NFL training camps are absolutely insane, pushing players to their physical limits so they can perform under pressure and rise to the occasion during the regular season. Think you have what it takes? 
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