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Occasions Perfect for Gifting Customized Rings

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Occasions Perfect for Gifting Customized Rings

Personalized rings are a gift that says that you care. They’re unique to the individual and showcase your attention to detail. That said, gifting a custom engraved gold ring may not be in the budget for your kid’s little league coach. We get it. That’s why we’re proud to offer value priced, personalizable silicone rings. Starting under $30, these rings are the perfect gift for a variety of occasions. Here are five of our favorites.


Have a 2018 grad in the house? Take a moment to commemorate their achievement with a customized QALO. We love the idea of using school colors, perhaps pairing a thin stackable ring with your customized ring to complete the look. On the customized version, feel free to inscribe the graduate's name, the year, or an inspirational message.

Family Trips

A family vacation is a special time of togetherness. We love marking the moment with a value-priced memento that can be enjoyed in solidarity during the trip, too. Choosing a simple silhouette, feel free to engrave a name or nickname on each ring. The overall impact is that each family member is unique, yet you’re all bonded by family ties.

Big Game Days

Go all out and support the home team with team colors! While you can absolutely use this approach to celebrate your favorite pro-teams, we’re really focused on high school and little league teams. Since these are the teams that probably mean the most to you, gift coaches, mentors, and team-mates matching rings in color combinations that the mass market jewelry industry just isn’t paying attention to.


Celebrate in style with a customized ring! Imagine wishing someone a “Sweet 16” or “Happy 21st” with a ring that denotes the rite of passage celebration. Adding a name or date to the birthday girl (or boy)’s ring makes it a keepsake of a big day in their life.


Most couples become very attached to their wedding bands and aren’t overly willing to give them up. Sentimentality will likely keep those original bands on their fingers for years. That’s why we like gifting a QALO with customization for an anniversary gift. It can be worn on the right hand and wind up carrying as much meaning as the traditional wedding bands. Inscribe the original wedding year as well as the year gifted to create a lasting memory of your gift.

Ready to start gifting? Design your perfect QALO silicone ring, and don’t forget to add a custom engraving, which our customizable tool.


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