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    Our 5 Favorite Fall Fashion Trends This Year

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Our 5 Favorite Fall Fashion Trends This Year

    Don’t blink. Summer is just flying by and before you know it the leaves will be changing colors, and fall will have arrived. A quick check into the fashion world reveals some bold trends for 2018, and we want to help you catch them all.


    Fall 2018 will have you seeing red. The bold primary color is lighting up runways and promises to be a feature across the cooler seasons this year. We love red because it plays nicely with most skin tones. It looks bold and daring on fair skin tones, and it highlights a summer tan on darker skin tones like no other color can. If you’re up for red, why not check out our Thin Red Line collection. Rings are available in men and women’s silhouettes.


    This fall solid colors are boring. At least according to fashion experts. We’re seeing a surge in bold patterns. In fact, the official trend name is “busy” patterns. While we don’t consider any of our prints to be busy - your best bet for hitting this trend is with QALO is to check out our Strata rings. They feature two colors in interesting designs. The colors are on trend and complimentary to one another creating a cool 3D design.

    Layer It Up

    Another trend this fall revolves around hippie chic layers. Think old west meats Boho. We’re seeing a lot of delicate fabrics in petite colors layering with one another. The QALO answer is found in our stackable rings collection. Start by choosing a light color like lavender, and the complementing it with another ethereal shade like rose quartz. Our Michele Silicone Ring Stackable Set is the perfect answer.


    As temperatures cool it is not uncommon to introduce new textures. QALO has a variety of textures to consider. From the laurel texture to the scalloped edges of our pearl ring, there are different shapes for everyone.  The laurel texture is part of our one-of-a-kind Q2X line. Built to be stronger, last longer, and resist more environmental solvents, Q2X is on trend and built to last.


    Plaid is back and in a big way! 2018 will see heavy tweed blazers in plaid prints as well as delicate tee shirt dresses. All things will be plaid. While QALO doesn’t offer a plaid silicone ring, we do offer the Crosshatch pattern. It’s the perfect single tone answer to this textured trend. Check it out, here.


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