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Our 5 Favorite Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Our 5 Favorite Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we’ve got your gift giving needs covered. The most common Valentine’s Day gifts are usually candy or flowers. But, we’re all about being different! Here’s a look at five unique gifts that will make your sweetheart feel the love this Valentine’s Day.

1. Cook For Your Sweetie

If your partner is the one who typically does most of the cooking, this is an inexpensive way to showcase your love. Cater the menu to suit your sweetheart’s favorite dishes, but be sure to mix it up! Don’t cook something you’re used to having on a regular basis. We love the idea of this $30 fondue set. Fondue is romantic by nature and encourages silliness and conversation. Here’s a look at some simple fondue recipes to get you started. Tell your spouse “I’m so fondue you” and give them a wink for extra brownie points! 

2. Get OUT There!

Get out of the restaurant booth, off the massage table, and into the great outdoors! February is an awesome time to head outside no matter what kind of climate you call home. From snowshoeing to hiking and maybe even surfing, adventure abounds in February. After all, love is life’s greatest adventure! Still want to wrap something up? Check out our Women’s Adventure Gift Set. The stackable rings won’t get in the way of your active day, and they come in a beautiful gift box.   

3. Be Bold

Avoid the crowds by choosing to do something that no one else would think to do. Since most people focus on traditional things to buy for their sweetie (flowers, sugary treats, dinners on the town), why not turn your attention towards giving to those in need instead. This is a great idea if your sweetheart has a huge heart. Together, build “blessing bags” like these, and then go for a bicycle ride (or drive, if the weather won’t allow for a ride) seeking out people who could use a helping hand this February. The activity exemplifies compassion and love, and builds an experience that won’t soon be forgotten by anyone involved.  

4. Plan Ahead

We like this $18 gift that does something a little bit different. The idea is that you and your sweetie can pick a new adventure as often as you schedule a date night. It takes away the guesswork of planning future dates and reminds you to make time for one another all year long. Make it really special by rolling each adventure cue and securing it with a stackable QALO. This way, you get a physical memento of each adventure you take.  Buy the can, here, and check out our collection of stackable rings, here

5. Make It Personal 

It’s hard to beat a personalized gift. It’s pretty special to receive something that no one else could possibly have. The best part is that these gifts don’t have to be pricey! In fact, they’re usually priced quite reasonably since you’ll have to do some leg-work on your own. Check out this fill in the blanks, “What I Love about You” book ($10) and this heart shaped collage frame. It’s about $100 for a basic frame and allows you to create wall art that showcased your unique love. Even better yet? Present the frame completely empty of any photos- then sweep your Valentine off their feet with a date for an adventure where you’ll take photos to fill the frame! Don’t forget to spice it up with a “Designed-by-You” QALO


Still searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas? A QALO ring is a great gift on its own, or as an addition to one of the gifts listed above. Showcase your commitment to your love and whatever else motivates you without a worry, as they’re affordably priced and built to last.  


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