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Our Favorite Dogs on Instagram

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Our Favorite Dogs on Instagram

 Whether you’ve been part of our QALO community for a while or are just getting to know us, you’re no doubt aware that we love dogs around here. Whenever you need a little pick-me-up or something to make you smile, spending some time with a dog is sure to do the trick. But for those times when you can’t be around your favorite four-legged buddy, looking at some adorable pics of dogs online will work. Check out 5 of our favorite dogs on Instagram below.


@just_thori_things: "Sometimes I wonder if dogs know how much we love them. Can they tell? I think Thori can." 

Thori is such a precious dog, don’t you think? If you like the Silicone Dog ID Tag that Thori is wearing, it’s a great pet gift idea for the holidays or any day. Personalization is free of charge too!


@jagermurphster: "Just looking cute modeling my new QALO bed and name tag. Who wants to snuggle? 

We love the classic "puppy eye" stare down, but Jager is a cutie who’s become one of our absolute favorites! Doesn’t he make you want to jump through the screen and give him a big, long hug?


@dasherbordercollie: "Thank you QALO for the silicone ID tags - with free personalization, and hat! It's so nice to have quiet tags that are scratch resistant, and won't ever rust." 

Look at those eyes! Dasher is one stylish and cool Border Collie. Like his hat? Get one for yourself (or your pup) at QALO.


@whitedogblackspots: "We picked the blush tag with the flowers because it was hands down my favorite design. These tags don’t rub, don’t scratch, are ready for any adventure, and don’t jingle!"

Heart eyes for this comfortable Silicone Dog ID tag. Life is good for Pippi!


@nemoccr: "I got to see the QALO tag in action and I was pretty impressed. Most tags don't really survive Nemo's excavation attempts, but so far this one has been pretty sturdy! I now need to get two more!" 

While this picture would be beautiful on its own, Nemo clearly brings the charm and the personality. 


Want a chance to be featured? Share pictures of your four-legged family members with us on social media by using the hashtag #QALOdogs.


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