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Our Favorite Ring Inscription Ideas

Written By: Nicole Browning

Our Favorite Ring Inscription Ideas

The tradition of inscribing rings with romantic phrases or meaningful dates isn’t new — in fact, the practice first became popular in Europe in the Middle Ages. Lovers would exchange “poesy” rings (from the French “poésie,” or poem) with phrases like “keep faith till death” to show their commitment to each other.

Ring inscriptions completely personalize your ring and transform a functional ring into a meaningful keepsake. When you inscribe a ring at QALO you can include up to 12 characters both on the interior and exterior surface of the ring — you have to make every character count.

If you want to inscribe your ring, don’t worry: thanks to the responses from our QALO Instagram family we’ve assembled a great selection inscription ideas.

Wedding/Anniversary Date

This is the most common ring inscription because it’s simple yet significant. Format your anniversary date as “6.10.17” or “6-10-17” to etch the day the two of you became one in stone (or, in this case, silicone). As Instagram user @irwinzeb noted, ordering a silicone ring inscribed with your anniversary date is not only romantic — it ensures your hubby never forgets this important date and keeps them out of trouble!

Family Rings

These types of inscriptions are great for couples or even entire families. Instagram user @c_hart322 has “Team Hart” inscribed on silicone rings for her and her husband, as that’s how they refer to themselves as a unit. You can even order coordinated rings for you and your kids with inscriptions like “Jones Family” or “Glover Clan.” There are plenty of possibilities!

Inside Jokes and Nicknames

Some of the most creative ring inscriptions don’t match but work together to make a larger whole. For example, are you and your partner Star Wars diehards? Consider getting one ring inscribed with “I love you” and another ring inscribed with “I know” to forever emulate the unique chemistry between Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Get your rings inscribed with your nicknames for each other: some options include “Peanut Butter” and “Jelly” or “My One” and “My Only.” Getting rings for friends, for your kids, or even for fellow vets? You can still mix and match to complete a phrase, like getting two rings inscribed with “To Infinity” and “And Beyond.”


Ring inscriptions featuring the initials of your child or of your spouse are constant reminders of your special bond. Instagram user @carrieseiferthelf likes the inscription “I Heart NAB,” but if you want both of your initials on your ring you can order an inscription like “CFS + NAB.” Have three kids? You can easily fit all of their initials on your QALO ring by choosing an inscription formatted like “JEA BNA ALA.”

Customize a silicone ring at QALO with any of these inscription ideas to create a timeless gift for a spouse, partner, family member, or best friend. Can’t settle on one phrase? Our affordable prices allow you to order an entire set of silicone rings so you can mix and match. Stay in the loop about our latest sales and new products when you follow QALO on Instagram.  


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