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    Out Of The Box Valentine's Day Activities

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Out Of The Box Valentine's Day Activities

    Valentine’s Day 2019. It’s crunch time.

    You’ve got the gift nailed down. You know what you’re going to wear and where you’re having dinner. But one detail is still nagging you. If you’re hoping to add a memorable activity to your February 14th celebration, here’s a look at ideas that we think are pretty out of the box and memorable!

    See a Sporting Event

    On the surface, this might look like a cheat for the fellas. But if you have a lady in your life who enjoys sports, treat yourselves to tickets on the most romantic day of the year. The game doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day proper either. Wrapping tickets is enough, especially if you’re a lady giving this gift to your man. He’ll be over-the-moon thrilled.

    Volunteer Together

    Romance doesn’t have to be wrapped up with a bow. This year, consider volunteering for a cause that means something to your significant other. It probably is more meaningful than roses, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. If animal causes matter to your sweetie, volunteer at a shelter. You can also help feed the homeless or even drive the streets of your hometown handing out new socks and gloves to those you see in need. The opportunities to serve others are endless, and when you’re showing concern for a cause that matters to your spouse, you’re showing them that you love them, too.

    Get Physical

    Don’t get too excited just yet. We’re talking about a physical date! Why not look up indoor rock climbing centers? Many larger cities even offer indoor skydiving. One thing is certain, since this day tends to be about calm activities, the physical activities in your hometown don’t get much love on Valentine’s Day. So find an old roller skating rink, bowling alley, or laser tag center and break a sweat. Pro tip? Groupon almost always has great deals on these sorts of things, too. You’ll probably have more fun, and it’ll certainly be a date to remember.

    Get Dirty

    Most people spend hours perfecting their look for Valentine’s Day. A fresh manicure, maybe a haircut, and hours spent applying makeup. If that’s not your style, we encourage you to challenge the custom this year and get dirty on Valentine’s Day. Maybe that means that you shovel snow for your neighbors. Or perhaps you work in your greenhouse on planting spring bulbs. Hit the craft store and buy a massive blank canvas, and then paint it together. You could even make pottery together.  If fancy doesn’t suit your fancy, don’t do it. Get dirty instead.

    Of course, before you go head first into the non-traditional activity idea, think about your sweetheart. Some people really do prefer the classics. Dinner on the town, a movie, or a couples massage are all great options as well. The perfect activity is the one that the couple will enjoy together the most.


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