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Prepare Your Pup for the GoPro Mountain Games

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Prepare Your Pup for the GoPro Mountain Games

The GoPro Mountain Games are an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Expect plenty of mountainside events, competitions, and family-friendly activities that are suitable for everyone! And we don’t mean just the kids — your beloved dog can get in on the action as well.


There are several dog-centric events at the annual outdoor-palooza, none more popular than the series of DockDogs events. There’s nothing quite as enrapturing as professional and local pooches alike sprinting off a dock and flying through the air before splashing down into a giant pool, all in quest of catching their favorite toy.

This is essentially the doggy dock-jumping Olympics — you and your pup can sign up for several distinct DockDogs competitions during the GoPro Mountain Games:

Big Air — It’s the long jump, doggie-style. In this disc dog game, dogs sprint down the dock and leap off the end chasing a toy thrown by their master. The longest measured distance wins.

Dueling Dogs — Street racing, but at the dock. Two pups sprint off the dock and paddle to the other side of the pool to retrieve a toy. Fastest dog takes first!

Extreme Vertical — If Big Air is the long jump, consider Extreme Vertical the high jump. A bumper is suspended ten feet above the water and dogs sprint down the dock, lunging to catch their coveted toy. The highest measured distance crowns the winner of this dog dock jumping competition.

Speed Retrieve — Pups jump off the dock and swim to a toy secured at the other end of the pool. Once they retrieve the toy the time stops, and the fastest time takes the prize.

Not ready to sign up for a competition? Just register for the competition-free Try DockDogs event to get your canine friend comfortable with dock diving.

Training for DockDogs

Ready to train your dog to compete in water sports? Find a dog gym or club near you with a pool and knowledgeable instructors who can provide proper safety tips and instructions for the dock.

In order to get your dog ready for the event, you should focus on basic obedience training so they can sit on the dock and wait for your command. Ideally, your pup will also be trained to track and retrieve a toy.

If you live near a lake you can fit in plenty of exercise and practice for your canine friend. Remember, the most important element is fun!

Rocky Dog Trail Run

Leaping into water, not your pup’s forte? Sign up for the Rocky Dog Trail Run to team up with your four-legged furry friend for a 5K run(or walk) on and around Vail Mountain. Just make sure your pooch remains on a leash and you can sprint through the course or walk along at your leisure.

QALO is proud to be the official silicone ring of the GoPro Mountain Games. Visit our booth in Vail Village or stop by at our booth while marveling at (or competing in) a DockDogs competition. We will have a variety of rings ready to purchase, and you can personalize your new Dog ID Tag directly on site!


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