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Finding the Perfect QALO Silicone Ring for You

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At QALO, we strongly believe that there is a silicone ring perfect for everyone. For a long time, most people only thought of professional athletes when they think about silicone rings, but today they aren’t the only crowd of people who would love these rings.

Fashionistas love them. Moms adore them. Doctors, nurses, and firefighters swear by them to get through the workday. Whether you are a student-athlete, the busy mom on the go, or a member of the armed forces, we have the ideal alternative, safe, wedding ring solution for you.

Silicone rings are comfortable, fashionable, and unique so there’s the perfect ring for everyone and every occasion. Trust us, there’s a silicone ring to wear all day while you’re at work at the office or all weekend while you’re hiking the trails or just kicking back at home.  

Silicone rings are light as air, super safe, and totally comfortable. Silicone rings prioritize the safety of your fingers above all else. That means that they’ll move with your fingers, and if they need to, they’ll break so that your finger won’t. They also won’t transfer heat to your fingers. And your silicone ring will never wind up discolored from chemicals, oils, or metals.

Still think that silicone rings aren’t for you? We challenge you to take our “Put a Silicone Ring on It” quiz and find the perfect silicone ring for you. If you don’t love it − send it back. Our return policy has you covered. But we’re pretty certain you’re going to love it! 

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