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Quiet Time Activities For Your Pre-Schoolers

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Quiet Time Activities For Your Pre-Schoolers

As kids transition from baby blankets and silicone teething necklaces into their pre-school years, you’ll find that those peaceful midafternoon naps start to become a thing of the past. Oftentimes this is harder for mom than it is for the kiddo. These active hands are full of energy and ready to explore everything. The struggle becomes finding a way to encourage quiet time when your child would much rather keep enjoying the active time. Here are a few of our favorite ways to trick them into settling down midday.


Available at most educational toysellers, these are plastic shapes with small magnets inside of them. They snap together to create boxes, diamonds, and towers. You’re teaching engineering without introducing small Lego pieces.  


Depending on your child’s age and development, you can consider working journaling into quiet time. This doesn’t have to be Pulitzer Prize level writing. In fact, a simple picture about what they've done that day is just fine. It works on cognitive skill and fine motor development.

Shape It Up

Take some popsicle sticks and lay three or four flat. Draw one shape across them and color it in. For example, spread a square across four sticks. Make three or four different “stick puzzles” and then encourage your child to learn their shapes in a creative new way!


Make sure the pieces are sized to be age appropriate, and the skill level required matches your child’s age as well. If you think you can get distracted by an overly challenging jigsaw, just imagine your child trying to do one! But board puzzles or large floor puzzles are a great way to engage the mind and keep hands busy, without allowing for gross motor movement.

Tape Pulls

Pick up a pack of multi-colored painter’s tape at your local hardware store. Spend a morning taping up the top of a table. It will wind up looking like a multicolored spider web. Later, during quiet time, ask your preschooler to peel all of the tapes off for you. This activity keeps them still and encourages the development of fine motor skills.


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