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    Your Top Questions About Silicone Rings Answered

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Your Top Questions About Silicone Rings Answered

    Intrigued by the idea of silicone rings? Cool! We’re glad you’re here and excited to take a moment to explain a bit about QALO and what makes us so special.

    1. What are QALO rings?

    QALO rings are high-quality silicone rings designed to perfectly functional for your lifestyle. They’re built with lightweight silicone that is tough enough to stand up to the things your hands get into every day. They’re available in a range of colors, patterns, and styles, and can be personalized with a variety of engraving options.  Resistant to oils and solvents, and tolerant to extreme temperatures, QALO is designed to break away when put under extreme pressure so that your finger always stays safe. Check out a few of our best sellers, or explore #QALOring#QALOstackables for some style inspiration! 

    2. Why should I wear a silicone ring?

    Silicone rings are taking off in popularity and the reasons for the boom are as varied as the people buying them. Some people buy them because they’re an affordable fashion accessory. Others, because it offers a safe alternative in comparison to the standard metal band. One of the top reasons to wear a silicone ring, however, is for their safety. Those who work with their hands and those who use their hands around uneven objects often risk injury when their rings get caught on objects and don't let go (learn more about the dangers of ring avulsion here). Our rings were designed with specific breaking points to prevent injury. 

    We've found that QALO has been useful in a number of different professions: Firefighters, Police service members, Mechanics, Military personnel, Estheticians, Chefs, Farmers, and more. They're also useful for Athletes (including a number of professional athletes), Outdoor Enthusiasts, Parents, and Travelers. QALO rings were designed with the goal of being able to show your commitment to your spouse during all of your everyday activities.

    3. Are silicone rings safe?

    Yes. In fact, they’re far safer than their metal counterparts. Silicone rings are non-conductive, and won’t transfer heat or cold to your finger. They’ll also break away when placed under extreme pressure. Our exclusive Q2X™ rings were designed specifically for people who work with their hands, offering a safe material that is even resistant to gasoline, oils, and solvents (you won't find this to be the case with any other silicone rings). Additionally, silicone rings are highly unlikely to irritate your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

    4. How do I know what size ring I should buy?

    Your QALO silicone ring size will be very similar to your standard ring size. If you don’t know what that is, you can start with these helpful tips on how to find your ring size at home. When you order your ring, keep in mind that it will never shrink, but it may stretch over time, especially if you like to fidget with it.

    5. What sets QALO rings apart from others? 

    QALO stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors and these are the four pillars that our company stands for. We believe in providing quality products for our QALO community to wear, proudly showing their commitment to their spouses. But QALO is much more than a silicone ring company, the QALO community is comprised of everyone from the hardworking electricians, first responders, moms who don’t want to scratch their newborns with their rings, professional athletes looking to show their commitment on and off the field, and fitness enthusiasts who don’t want to damage their metal bands when lifting weights. We are a community of people committed to the things we love to do and the people we share our lives with. 

    Here at QALO, we guarantee we will do our best to make your experience with us amazing and with our lifetime warranty program, if your ring breaks, we will replace it for you at no charge (where most others will charge you for shipping). If you have any specific questions about our brand or what we stand for, please feel free to reach out to our team of Problem Solvers here


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