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Rings for Military Men & Women

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Rings for Military Men & Women

Working in the military is an important job. It secures the way of life that Americans enjoy, while also bringing order and peace to areas of the world that are in the most desperate need for guidance. While a very rewarding career path, working in the military does not come without sacrifices. Frequent relocations and occasional deployments are part of the job that many people realize before enlisting. What you may not have known before signing up, however, is that your career choice could also impact your fashion choices. Particularly, finding military approved wedding bands can be a struggle.

For many members of the military, standard, metallic jewelry is just not a great choice. It can snag and catch on things during the course of a standard workday and can make you stand out in a crowd. Often, while working in other nations or with different cultures, a standard Americanized wedding ring makes you a target for thieves, criminals, or simply unrelatable to the every-day-man on the streets. For these reasons and more. the simplest course of action is to simply not wear jewelry.

But this choice often doesn’t sit well with your spouse and family. Since American culture sees us giving rings to mark sentimental occasions and showcase marital status, many spouses are less than pleased to see you leave your wedding band at home. Especially when you’re deploying for an extended period of time.

That is one of the reasons that QALO is proud to create high quality, tough, medical grade silicone rings. Military silicone rings allow you to showcase your commitment in a way that is safe for your finger, and unassuming to those around you, no matter where you’re serving. A silicone ring is light on the finger, breathable, and available in numerous colors and patterns. Wearing a military silicone ring lets you showcase your commitment without sacrificing your safety.

We appreciate the sacrifices the men and women serving make everyday, as well as their families, which is why we have a line of exclusive US military silicone rings honoring the Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. We also offer a discount to members of the military on all silicone ring purchases. To learn more, click here.


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