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Rings for Mom, Dad, and the Little Ones

Your commitment to the whole family is paramount to your self-identification. Especially as your children enter the years where they begin to develop their own sense of self-identity, it becomes very important to create a unified family presence.

Psychology experts say that giving kids a sense of family identity is important. Researchers say that doing this affirms family values and allows kids to feel safe in expressing themselves and their values when put into challenging peer related situations. Experts say that creating a sense of family identity relies on three essential things: Shared time, Shared traditions, and Shared values.

We think that silicone rings for the entire family are a great place to start with creating a visual reminder of the family identity that you’ll create through shared experiences and values.

The beauty of QALO silicone rings is that they’re customizable rings. Finding silicone rings for the entire family doesn’t mean that everyone has to be the same. Through the use of different colors, shapes, and patterns, your QALO is totally customizable to be fit for all personalities. Stackable rings are the perfect way to accomplish unique with individuality.

QALO stackables come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. This means that you can choose either a family color, or a family pattern as a baseline, and then let the kids get personal with their own touches. Since sizes range from 4-10, there is a fit for tiny fingers all the way through thicker, adult-sized hands.

Another option that you might consider includes getting everyone in the family the same ring. That’s your unity, your home base. That ring represents the family. Then let everyone choose two other rings that they feel like best describe who they are as an individual. The end result is that everyone has a customized ring stack, but you all share one common ring that binds you. You can play with combinations risk-free by using our stack builder tool.