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Should You Wear Rings When You Work Out?

Written By: QALO Inc.

Should You Wear Rings When You Work Out?

You add weight to your barbell and try to bench press a new max, only to have your ring uncomfortably dig into your finger. Or you finish your cycling class and see that, somehow, you’ve scratched the wedding band that you’ve only owned for a year. 

Instances like these convince many fitness enthusiasts to simply not wear their wedding rings during workouts. Are the risks worth it? Should you try to wear a ring while at the gym?

Potential Hazards of Metal Rings at the Gym

Many athletes and fitness junkies leave their metal wedding band at home when working out at the gym. Here are the primary hazards of wearing a traditional metal ring in the weight room:

- Standard gym equipment like weights, pull-up bars, and handles on machines can cause a metal band to become scratched, weathered, or damaged. Wearing an expensive metal band at the gym can quickly deteriorate the ring’s quality.

- There are serious risks of getting a metal ring caught in a machine or a piece of equipment. During an explosive movement or intense round of cardio, getting your ring caught in the equipment could cause ring avulsion, ripping off the skin and muscle off your finger to the bone!

- Few experiences are as frustrating as misplacing your costly and sentimental metal wedding ring. Between your car, the locker, the shower, and the weight room, there are many places where you can accidentally leave your ring behind if you’re taking it on and off.

    Silicone Rings Allow You to Showcase Your Commitment

    While working out may seem like just an hour break from your day, that time adds up for QALO customers like Rusty Burchfield. “My wife and I work out together six days a week in the gym,” Rusty said. “The equipment was taking a toll on our wedding bands, so we stopped wearing them.” 

    This lapse in wearing rings, coupled with Rusty’s profession as an electrical engineer, led to him and his partner forgetting to wear their rings more often over time due to the constant juggle of taking them on and off.

    For Rusty and his wife, finding a suitable alternative to traditional metal bands was an imperative. Working out is an activity that bonds them together, and they wanted to be able to symbolize the vows they said to each other over 16 years ago while fitting in their daily exercise. 

    “No matter how much weight at the gym or in life that we have to carry, the ring reminds us that we always have a spotter by our side to help us make it through,” Rusty said. That’s why, after extensive research, Rusty and his partner chose durable QALO silicone rings. 

    Silicone Rings for Exercising

    When you cherish wearing a ring as a symbol of commitment, the best and most cost-effective solution is to wear a silicone ring. Intricately designed for functionality and comfort, QALO silicone rings are designed for people with active lifestyles to push harder and reach new heights.

    - QALO rings have a low price point so you don’t have to sweat it if you leave one behind in the locker room. Order a QALO ring gift set to have several backup rings close by if you happen to misplace one.

    - Silicone rings won’t dent or scratch and are designed to break under extreme pressure to keep your finger safe. QALO workout rings can handle intense exercise and temperature fluctuations while remaining comfortably conformed to your finger. You may forget it’s even there!

    - QALO gym wedding rings are available in a wide variety of silhouettes, styles, and color options. Match your workout gear or create a token of your commitment that is uniquely you.

      Rusty, for one, was very satisfied with the switch to QALO silicone rings. “Now when we’re lifting, climbing, or crawling across our workouts, we never think twice about our rings being damaged,” he said.  So, should you and your partner wear workout wedding rings? The answer is yes! But, only if they’re made of silicone.


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