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    Should You Wear Your Wedding Ring During a Game?

    Written By: Melody Erhuy

    Should You Wear Your Wedding Ring During a Game?

    Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply hitting the park on Saturday morning for a round of softball with your friends, any active player has to decide if they should wear their metallic wedding ring during a game.

    Trying to decide how you’re going to show your commitment while rounding the bases or tossing the pigskin? Read on to learn about the risks of wearing metal rings during a game, and the alternatives.

    Potential Risks of Metal Rings

    What could possibly happen to your wedding ring while you’re stealing second base or tackling your buddy? Plenty. Here are the reasons why so many pros don’t sport their metal wedding bands on the field:

    - Wedding rings are rare in baseball because it’s difficult to grip a bat with a ring around your finger. This goes for pitching, as well — most MLB pitchers aren’t allowed to wear metal rings on their pitching hand.

    - The most serious risk is that of ring avulsion. It’s what all athletes fear — your ring gets caught in an opponent’s helmet or on some equipment. Suddenly, the skin of your finger is ripped off to the bone! Ring avulsion is most common in mechanical work, sports, and yard work. Learn more about ring avulsion on our blog.

    - Metal rings can get nicked, scratched, or damaged when you’re playing a game or even when you’re warming up. Many athletes don’t even wear their wedding rings in the gym so that the rings remain in excellent condition free of blemishes.
    Another risk is the risk of losing or misplacing your expensive wedding band.

    - Between the dugout, the clubhouse, the field, and your car, you may take off your ring multiple times. Leaving behind such a small item is easy to do, especially in the middle of an intense game.

      The Alternative: Wear an Affordable Silicone Ring

      One potential solution to the metal ring problem is to simply not wear a ring when you’re playing any kind of sport. But for those of us who cherish this symbol of commitment, simply going sans ring doesn’t seem like a good fix at all.

      That’s why more professional athletes are turning to QALO silicone wedding bands to keep them safe and comfortable throughout the season. In fact, QALO rings are becoming a popular choice in the MLB. You can spot QALO rings on the hands of Bryce Harper, Bryan Shaw, and Tucker Barnhart among many other players.

      Here are the top reasons why the pros prefer to wear durable silicone wedding bands during games:

      - Barnhart, a catcher for the Reds, stated that one of the best benefits of a silicone ring is that it’s durable, and won't get dented or scratched while playing. “More importantly, I didn’t want to wear a ring that would hurt me. It’s so practical and easy to work with,” Barnhart said.

      - QALO rings can handle temperature adjustments and heavy activity while conforming to your finger so you can keep them on during training, workouts, practice, and games without worry. Howie Kendrick, an outfielder for the Nationals, loves that he can go anywhere with his QALO ring and do any activity with it on. “Whether it’s going to the gym or being outdoors, QALO is the ring that can do it all,” Kendrick noted.

      - QALO rings have a low price point, so players don’t have to panic if they misplace them during a game or in the locker room. “I can have my Qalo with me at all times without a panic over the price,” said Shaw, a relief pitcher for the Rockies.

      - By ordering QALO gift sets, players can alternate the color of their ring based on their uniform and simply rotate to a new ring if they leave one behind. According to Barnhart he predominately wears black but enjoys cycling in white for a change. Many MLB players are now choosing colors that accent or match their team colors.

        - Wearing a silicone wedding band during a game allows you to showcase your commitment to your family or a cause while enabling you to perform your best without risk of ring avulsion or similar types of injury. For extra-strength medical-grade silicone wedding bands try our patented Q2X™ material that also keeps your hands safe from conduction. 


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