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    Silicone Rings vs. Metal Rings: The Pros and Cons

    Written By: Admin Winbg

    Silicone Rings vs. Metal Rings: The Pros and Cons

    Our number one goal is helping you showcase your commitment in the best way possible. While we happen to think that silicone rings are an excellent way to do this, we also can accept that others may feel differently. We’ve put together an honest list of pros and cons for both types of rings to help you make an informed decision on what kind of ring is best for you.

    Traditional Wedding Rings

    The knee-jerk reaction for wedding rings, these bands are made of precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum. They’re traditional for a reason, these rings can last for generations and can represent a decent financial investment in a precious metal. Here’s a look at a few other perks to going the traditional route.

    - Easily customizable with gemstones and inscriptions.

    -  Lustrous shine associated with wedding bands.

    -  Long living, these bands are often handed down from generation to generation as a sentimental rite of passage.

    - Traditional. In choosing a ring made of traditional metals, you’re following in the footsteps of your parents, grandparents, and ancestors. You’ll share a common link and experience with those who came before you. It’s a time-honored tradition, and that means a lot to a lot of people.

    But these rings are not without their cons, either. Perhaps the most obvious set back is their cost. Since traditional wedding rings are made of investment quality precious metals, they can get quite pricey. A good gold band can cost upwards of several thousand dollars. Here’s a list of other things that count against traditional rings.

    - Safety. Since these rings conduct electricity and heat and don’t give way when placed under stress, they’re more dangerous for your finger than their silicone counterparts.

    - Most aren’t hypoallergenic. While not everyone has a metal allergy, for those who do, the choice to wear a metal ring can present skin irritation that can’t be solved through any other way than discontinued use.

    - Comfort Levels. While many people think that their traditional rings are comfortable, the fact is that they don’t breathe with your finger and aren’t flexible. The result is often a ring that is uncomfortable, or even “stuck” on a swollen finger.

    - Guilt. When you pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for a ring, you can feel quite guilty if something happens to the ring. Especially if you lose it.

    Silicone Rings

    All that glitters isn’t gold. Silicone rings have a lot of perks, too. Perhaps the most obvious one is pricing. At less than 10% the cost of a standard traditional wedding band, the price point of these rings better fits into the budget of most young couples. In fact, at these prices, most people can afford to buy a couple of rings to offer variety. Additionally, that attractive price point removes the guilt that comes with a lost ring. Here’s a look at the other things that silicone rings have going for them.

    - Safety. Since these rings don’t conduct electricity or heat, they’re well suited for all hands, no matter the profession. Those in public service, people like police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and military members, can wear these rings without fear of ring avulsion. Since these rings give way when placed under pressure, mechanics, engineers, and construction works can also have peace of mind in a silicone ring.

    - Unique. Choosing a silicone ring opens the door to hundreds of colors, patterns, and even the possibility of customized inscriptions. One thing is certain here, and that is that you’re unlikely to see a duplicate of your ring on someone else’s finger. With so many designs and color combinations, it is easy to find the perfect ring to showcase your lifestyle and commitment.

    - Super Sensitive. Silicone rings are as close to hypoallergenic as a ring can get. While silicone allergies can exist, they’re exceedingly rare, meaning that even though with the most sensitive of skin can wear silicone rings without risking skin irritation.

    Even with that impressive list of benefits, we know there are still other factors to consider.

    - They’re not heirloom pieces. While you may be able to hang grandma’s wedding ring down for generations, silicone rings aren’t likely to last that long. That’s not to say they aren’t durable, they certainly are, but these rings will likely eventually need replacing. But with tons to choose from, it's easy to get multiple rings for everyone.

    - Non-Traditional. For some people, the idea of a silicone ring doesn’t ring true to their idea of marriage. If you’re a traditionalist, you may not choose silicone as your primary ring. For these folks, we love the idea of a gold ring for the ceremony, to keep the tradition alive, and a silicone ring for everyday wear.

      Ready to try a silicone ring? Check out our Forever collection, designed to be refined and beautiful. Many choose rings from this line in place of traditional gold wedding rings.


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