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Simple & Fun Mason Jar Crafts

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Simple & Fun Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jars are all the rage when it comes to cozy home décor these days. They’re easy to come by, typically inexpensive, and can be turned into a variety of things. Almost always showcasing a country-chic charm, Mason jars seem especially perfect for the fall season. Here are five simple Mason jar crafts that make for a great family craft night.

1.  Fall Letter Vases

For this, you’ll need four jars. (Try to find them at your local Goodwill store. You’ll save heaps over shopping at the local craft store!) You’ll also need chalkboard paint, sandpaper, sponges, and florals. Put it all together for a rustic look that reminds us a bit of a weathered barn. Here’s the tutorial that makes it easy.

2.  Mini Masons

Everything is cuter with its miniature, isn’t it? From small dogs to tiny flowers, and even apparently mason jars. From time to time you can come across these pint-sized jars, and we didn’t want to leave them off of our craft list. That’s why we love these mini-acorn jar votive holders. It’s everything we love about Mason jars, just on a smaller scale. The tiny size makes these simple to place anywhere around your house. Aim for finding the acorns while on a nature walk with the kids.

3. Burlap and Lace

Blend the rustic charm of burlap with a feminine touch by adding a spot of lace to your Mason jar vases! It balances delicate femininity with that country-chic charm that makes Mason jars fun to work with. For this one, just be sure to snag some florals, hot glue, and chalky paint.

4.  Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

This one may just be our favorite Mason jar craft on the list. First, take a nice nature walk. Pick up colorful leaves as you go. Focus on varied colors, textures, and shapes. When you get home, use either hot glue or Mod Podge (preferred) glue to stick the leaves to the jar. Once done, drop a votive inside for a bright, warm candle holder with a great glow!

5. Hanging Mason Jars

If it seems like this list is full of mantelpiece crafts, you wouldn’t be wrong. Mason jars just work well for sitting on tables or mantles. But here’s a twist! This craft project has you attaching string or wire to the neck of the jar in order to create a hanging Mason jar. You’ll place a votive in the center before filling with fall staples like acorns or popping corn. The end result is posh and high end but on a budget.

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