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Sport Your Pink QALO Ring for National Pink Day

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Sport Your Pink QALO Ring for National Pink Day

What holiday is rapidly approaching? No, it’s not Labor Day — that’s not until September! National Pink Day is celebrated annually on June 23 and presents an opportunity to wear pink and celebrate everything the color represents.

What is National Pink Day About?

Always celebrated on June 23 regardless of the day, National Pink Day was established as a showcase for the splendid color pink. According to Holiday Insights, proper ways to go all-out for National Pink Day include wearing a bright pink outfit, baking goodies using pink food coloring and frosting, and decorating the house with bouquets of pink and white flowers.

In the past few decades National Pink Day has also become a popular day to schedule events to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. In your office you can encourage everyone to wear pink awareness ribbons and coordinate your own fundraiser. Whoever raises the most money for National Pink Day gets a special prize!

Donations to organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation ensure that more people receive preventative screening and the latest treatments for breast cancer.

National Pink Day Vs. International Pink Day

It can be easy to confuse these two holidays, so let’s set the record straight. While National Pink Day is a more general holiday, International Pink Day was started in 2007 by two high school students in Canada after they witnessed a classmate being bullied for wearing pink. International Pink Day is a day to “stand up against the injustice of harassment and bullying, especially against minorities and those of the LGBTQ community,” according to Days of the Year.

International Pink Day is a great chance to educate kids about the effects of bullying and about fostering an inclusive, supportive community. Mark your calendars for the last Wednesday in February to get ready for International Pink Day.

Pink QALO Rings

At QALO we stock a wide variety of sizes and styles of rings so everyone can find a durable silicone ring that matches their personality and lifestyle. Sport any of these fashionable pink silicone rings for National Pink Day:

Classic Pink Silicone Ring — You can’t go wrong with our high-performance, top-quality pink rings available in a stunning, vivid shade of pink that’s perfect for Breast Cancer Awareness events and promotions. Maybe you just love this striking shade of pink — stay comfortable and committed with our classic pink ring option.

Stackable Rings — Accessorize any look for National Pink Day with a variety of affordable and unique pink stackable rings. Express yourself with a fashion-forward combination of stackable rings like the rose quartz geo stackable ring and the pink topaz twist stackable ring.

Misty Rose Breathable Ring — Prepare for any rugged outdoor adventure with a breathable ring that features perforated holes to naturally increase airflow and keep your ring snugly on your finger.

Complete any celebratory or commemorative outfit for National Pink Day with a suitable pink silicone ring engineered by QALO to stand up to the toughest of life’s demands. This June 23 it’s time to go pink!


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