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Staying Active in the New Year

Written By: Melody Erhuy

Staying Active in the New Year

Millions of Americans make the same resolution every year. Get in shape. Lose weight. Be more active. No matter how you say it, the end goal is the same. If these goals sound familiar to you, chances are, you’re simply looking for ways to stay more active in 2019. Better health and a healthy weight are the byproducts of an active lifestyle. So here are five ways to stay more active this year.

1. Go Camping!

Take the entire family off-grid for a long weekend!  And when we say the entire family, we really mean it! Do like this family did and even bring the pooch. Getting outdoors is good for so many reasons. Clean air and a bit of a digital detox are things that we can all benefit from, and make no mistake, camping is certainly an active activity! Getting the tent up and chopping firewood are great ways to be active while also taking a break from your daily hussle.

2. Take a Hike!

And while you’re on that family camping trip, don’t forget to take a hike! Hiking is active and adventurous for even the smallest trekkers. And if you approach it with an excited and fun approach, just like this dad did, you’ll find the kids love it just as much as you do. The trick is to pre-plan realistic hikes that are challenging yet achievable, and pack a day bag with snacks and plenty of water. Remember that it’s OK to hike a bit more slowly so that the kids have time to play along the way. (I previously wrote a blog for QALO about how to hike as a family, this would be a great place to interlink.)

3. Go Fly a Kite!

Doesn’t sound very active at the onset, we know. But when you try actually flying WITH your kite, as @Floridansunshine does, you’ll get a real workout! Kitesurfing requires incredible core control and is a great exercise. Not your thing? No worries. Just get out there and try something new!

4. Run Away

Many people start running around the New Year. In fact, many seasoned runners even refer to the newbies as, “resolution runners.” That’s because for many, once the New Year’s shine wears off of that resolution, they abandon their running goals. Change that in 2019 by setting a running routine. Work with a buddy or an established runner, someone like @freshnfitness, to keep yourself accountable, and try new routes daily to keep things fresh.  Following seasoned runners like @TiaClair1 on social media can help with tips and tricks, too.

5. Go Further

Are you already a regular runner? Cool. Take it to the next level in 2019 by signing up for a marthathon. Really, do it right now. Pick a date in the summer or fall so that you have enough time to train for the event, and a looming deadline that keeps you active for months to come. It’s all about setting a lofty goal and then working hard to achieve it. That’s something that @davetopp knows all about!

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